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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Global Guerilla Knit Project!?!

Grrl + Dog, from Sydney Australia has come up with a "Global Guerilla Knit Project". The idea is to put up some kind of decoration with knitting, material, yarn etc in a public area and hope that the art work will not be taken down. The intent as described on her blog is ...-to bring some laughter into the world,truth and Exposure,to be BRAVE and INSPIRE ...-to make the world a more colorful, rainbow place... Seth Apter of The Altered Page and I decided to do a collaborative stake out. We selected a tree together in front of Jus Han Church (built in 1888 to serve the needs of the Czech immigrants who founded the church, but now open to all)! on E 74th Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenue in NYC that we would both decorate, each with our own decorative artistree....(just couldn't resist on the spelling). On my way, I saw a large box on the street with the words, "Become Your Dream". Right away, I knew it had been done by artist De LA Vega. How coincidental that DE LA VEGA is known for his outdoor street drawings. I exited the bus early to take the cardboard with me. Then I saw another large cardboard with the same sign, "Become Your Dream" - one of DE LA VEGA's trademark sayings. Little did I know he had recently begun writing this all over the city. Then, magically, further along on my journey to our tree, I found this beautiful trunk sitting in a pile of garbage. So with the DELAVEGA boxes in one hand and my new trunk in my other hand, off to the tree I went. And so our Guerilla shenanigans began...Although passersby didn't say anything, Seth and I were caught putting up our guerilla decorations by the man who takes care of the church. He said his boss would make him take it down. After talking with him awhile, I think he started to understand the project. The next day, I sent him photo's of him with the tree and he said he would watch out over our guerrilla art. So, now, having befriended the care taking staff of the church, a special bond was formed and hopefully, new hearts can enjoy our project..... Post script. It's now day three since our Guerilla rampage and our tree is still standing proudly, still all dressed up in it's Guerilla wear. Here are the tags I incorporated into my Guerilla art to hopefully keep our project up as long as possible. Super excited to see that Grrl + Dog just put up the most wonderful posting which includes our Guerilla Knit Project. You can see it HERE!


Seth said...

Thanks so much Jill for being my "partner in crime" on this caper. I have had so much fun and will continue to visit our tree to see if anybody has left a note (and left our wrappings up). I think we picked the perfect tree in front of the perfect church. Good to know it is being looked after! Mission accomplished!

rscoach said...

Hi Jill - love this adventure - you GO girl! I love the tree you and Seth decorated - and the description of your adventures that day - it reminds me what I miss and love about NYC - and what I hate about living in LA - no walking - no finding treasures on the street let alone wise sayings from the fabulous De la Vega - thanks for the link to his site and his words of wisdom - and love that you were able to convey to someone that art is everywhere and important - even in the branches of the tree outside their door - can't wait to see what notes people leave in "your" tree - Mazal Tov on participating in Guerrilla art - Keith Herring would be proud of you two! hugs from sunny CA - Reva (Los Angeles)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill, what a great story, and how you won over the church guy, he may protect it fiercely! YOu've made day three all clear, it is a very good sign.
Excellent work of a non knitted knit-up!

rivergardenstudio said...

dear Jill, what a wonderful project! I love it! You and Seth did a great joy and I love the story of the church (and now tree) caretaker! Roxanne

Supria Karmakar said...

Jill what a lovely collaborative you and Seth are working on..didn't realize you lived that close to each other ..How fortunate to be in the vicinity of each other two wonderfully creative souls....thaks for sharing on this great project...I love the tree....

Deborah Carr said...

By sharing spontaneous creativity with the world, deep connections are forged. Just think of the joy of surprise when passersby find your tree...and the smiles on their faces as they continue on their day.

~*~Patty S said...

Oh how wonderful to get to see this project Jilly...you and Seth truly are a dynamic duo!

I am also taken with the connections along the way...BECOME YOUR DREAM (Love it when the universe speaks to us!!!) AND your rescue of that find metal box too

Everything about this post and your combined "artistree" touches my heART!

VERY Cool Beans!!!