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Friday, November 2, 2012


It's new, it's different, its debut starts now..... 

     As many of you are aware, Seth Apter from the Altered Page had a call for 5"x 5" artworks as part of an ongoing project to his Pulse of Mixed Media Book.  Somerset Studio  showed tremendous interest in the project and as a result, Seth sent all 110 artworks he received to them for possible publication. What resulted was acceptance of 18 of those submitted. In addition to the terrific excitement for those artists and the works that were chosen, there were lots of great conversations initiated on questions of what it means to have your art published- both personally and professionally.

     As a result, I created  The Conversation, an email listing open to all who have expressed the desire in having informal discussions on a variety of topics. The idea is to have more intimate exploration of thoughts that will NOT be published on the Internet. They will be conversation via old fashioned emails- different from twitter that has a limited number of characters, facebook or Linked-In where membership is required. This email list is easy and spontaneous to use by just hitting "reply all" to the last email written. I hope that  The Conversation (currently composed of 16 members) serves as one more venue of positive expression for all genres of the art community.  There are  just a few parameters to stay within.

1) This is a positive conversation for support, ideas, philosophies and questions on one's artwork for suggestions- but not for oohs and aahs of artwork- that's for Blogland! :)
2) Anyone can follow up individually with one another to pursue more in depth conversations that may not be appropriate for the list serve.
3)Subjects are open and flexible!
4) There is to be no direct criticism of anyone's art or person. Requested constructive advice seems appropriate. 
      I can't wait to get my copy of Somerset Studio to see the 18  published artworks from the Pulse Project. Though mine was not included, I believe that's part of "the art of art", the subjective nature of judging an artwork which includes the specifics of what the editors are looking for.  Perhaps there are 25 equally great selections for 10 spots, how does an editor decide? Is it luck of the draw, hit or miss, or are there other criteria in place? I have been blessed to have several works published, but have also had a couple of submissions that I never heard back on.  I always wonder what is the appropriate waiting period to submit this work to another magazine.   Have you had experience with this? Feel like talking about it- feel free to contact me or better yet, join in on The Conversation!


Seth said...

What a sensational idea. There are so many issues that are relevant to and important for artists. Having a forum such as this, especially being personal and private, will be of benefit to so many and contribute so much to the community of artists out there. Bringing people together is always a good thing -- especially these days. Time to get talking!

Sandy said...

I saw your amazing art on Seth's blog and wanted to pop in for a visit. Congrats on being featured!

Lynn Cohen said...

I'd love to be a part of this conversation. ( I was on the original list but opted out as I am not comfortable with long email lists showing...they are very inviting to hackers) so if you are using the BCC method of emailing I'd love to be in the conversation.

I enjoyed my morning scroll down your blog just now...enjoying your photos and art works very much.

Thanks too for visiting me today and for leaving your nice comment! Always so appreciated! Lynn

Marit said...

Very interesting post and thoughts Jill! I hope you are doing fine and are save and sound. I am terribly busy at the moment, and had not had much time to visit blogs or write you an email - sorry 'bout that - but I have not (repeat: NOT) forgotten you! Be well dear one!

Marilyn Rock said...

You are brilliant - but I knew that! After all - being an artist is part of a community. xxoo