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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Autumn in Central Park Painting

As we are now officially in winter, I thought it was time to finish my Autumn in Central Park painting. It's based on a photo I posted a couple of months ago that I took on 5th Avenue looking toward Central Park, somewhere between 99th and 108th Streets in a moving bus on my way to work. Here's the photo. Below is the first day I started my painting. Here's a look at the completed painting. It's a diptych comprised of 2 12" by 12" panels painted with acrylics. There is a little dripped candle wax under a few of the leaves, and 2 pieces of real bark integrated into the picture. The foreground of the picture includes some crushed red rock from Sedona along with some crushed Sedona turquoise. Hidden in the painting are two pieces of sea glass and one heart stone from Sedona. Also flying around are some birds that you may be able to find. I've also painted the sides, top and bottom of the paintings to form a continuous scene no matter which way you look at the painting. And, as I saw some finishing touches I wanted to make, I used the first thing I could find to mix some paint. Here's my latest palette. It's better than finger painting, lots of fun, and really worked well to get the shades I needed.

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seth said...

This may be my favorite painting of yours yet. It feeling places me right in the heart of Central Park!