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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Extra Extra: Read All About It! InnerWorks: A Collaborative Altered Art Book Project Has Just Begun

I'm so excited to be participating with 5 other very talented artists in a round robin altered book project which begins as the new year rolls out. Our Project team is titled Inner Works and our Team's originator, Supria Karmakar, has created an amazing team blog which you can peek at by clicking here. Below you can view the 6 very talented artist's blog's by clicking on their highlighted sites. Seth Apter of The Altered Page Veronica Funk of Simple Pleasures Supria Karmakar of An Artist's 'Encaustic Musings' Roxanne Evans-Stout of River Garden Studio Rita Vindedzis of Rita Vindedzis Jill Zaheer of Jazworks Here's how the project will work. I have selected a book of my choice to alter, representing a theme I've chosen. After completing the cover and two inner pages, I will send it to one of my team members, in a consistent order that Supria selected. The next artist will interpret my theme by altering the following two pages in my book and then send it on to the third person etc., until all 5 other artists have worked in my book. This process will take place for each of us. In the end, I will be blessed with a book filled with the artwork of each of my altered book collaborators. I've selected the book, I lift My Lamp Emma Lazarus and the Statue of Liberty by Nancy Smiler Levinson, with a theme of Designs in Nature. Having started the project, I've just completed my cover and am about to start the inner pages. In order for the first person who gets my book to enjoy the element of surprise, I've decided to wait until I pass my book on to show some pictures. Here is a picture of the book I've selected with the original plastic cover and then with the cover removed before I've started my altering.


Seth Apter said...

Looking forward to working with you and the other artists on this exciting project. Your book and theme are quite inspiring to me. Oh...and I love the picture of the newspaper bundles!

Christine Marie said...

Jill, thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog. I'm looking forward to seeing the Inner Works results (and following that blog as well!)