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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Cover Up Continues.... But what if.....

Have you ever looked down when you're walking and have seen these patch covers in the road or on the sidewalk? I call them "man covers of every kind.' Have you looked at them as street designs? Street signs? Signs of their time? Throughout New York City, these amazing covers of every kind, color and shape can be found. Maybe it's time to think about these often overlooked sights in a whole new light. Have you thought about what's underneath them, what they are covers to? What they are a cover up for? Are they an entrance way? Exit way? Functional? Protectors? Ways to access or cover up what's below? Like manhole covers, we too put on covers to mask our thoughts, feelings, and emotions - - they are our own fake fronts. Is it that we feel weak without them, vulnerable to the thoughts or opinions of others, or even from ourselves? We are told to put on a stiff upper lip, show a brave face to save face, don't cry .. well at least try. What if the man hole covers weren't there? What if the underground workings of the city could be seen? There's a whole world under our feet that we are clueless to. Maybe we would have a better understanding of our city if we were given the opportunity to see the complicated complex infrastructure that we are blind to.
Likewise, maybe we would be better understood if we took off our own covers, our facial armor, false fronts, our funny faces, our public persona. Just a thought to reflect on. Would we be different? Would the world be different? Let's face it, we've come a long way, but we still have a journey ahead of us.
It always helps to remember that with each new day- we can open our eyes to wonderful new energy, renewal and the opportunity to work toward making our dreams become our reality.


The Governess said...

Jill, these are amazing! Can I use one or two in my collages??

Seth said...

I have always seen these covers as simply another example of unintended and amazing "found art." But seen through your eyes, they they have reached a whole new level as metaphor. Tuly a thought provoking post.