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Sunday, April 5, 2009

News of My Day!

I was just talking about rights of passage - paths we take with unseen destinations or planned courses. Roads we can't see the ends of but may see the beginnings to.
Sometimes, we know what's ahead of us, in front of us, or where something usually is- but it's just covered up.
Sometimes, we are asked to see things that just aren't there. But, if we use our imagination and picture them, perhaps we can make their presence appear.
Yesterday morning, I never could imagine the amazing surprise I woke up to when I saw that Seth Apter from The Altered Page spotlighted my blog in his Inspiration Station sidebar column.
It was Seth who first inspired me to create my blog. It's been quite a journey, one where art really does imitate life. It's a little over a year since I started my blog, and only a few months now that I have felt comfortable leaving comments. For me, it took time to cross over that uncertain bridge from being an outsider to feeling like an insider. It's unlocking those feelings and thoughts that we are too timid to reveal, and finding the confidence to know that they have worth because we wrote them.
We never really know what makes us who we are, what we are made up of- all of our parts- from our experiences, genetics, our environment or even the confidence given to us as we are growing up to evolve into who and what we want to be throughout our whole life.
Sometimes, all of the keys we need are right in front of us. We just need to look, listen, think, or be open to others who may be guiding us knowingly, or at times, unknowingly.
Sometimes, I just have to marvel when nature imitates life and it is just pure art.

And then, there are times when we feel we are as free as a bird- soaring across the sky as each new day greets us. And for those times, we are humbled to know how special these moments are, knowing that they will come and go, but confident that they are always around.
We just need to learn how to find them.


Seth said...

Does this go under the category of "what goes around comes around?" So glad that I have been an inspiration for you but I have to say...the feeling is mutual! Right back at ya!! Another thought provoking and and creative photologue!

The Governess said...

Wow...this was a pleasure to read. Your photography and writing are beautiful, Jill. NY must be such an inspiring place to live. I particularly love the skyscraper photo - you are so talented!! I want to BUY some of your photos...you on paypal??

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jill, this is beautiful, your thoughts and writing capture the essence of our being... I love what you said about not knowing what makes us who we are... there is always that mystery. I wonder why we try to solve it and not just accept it? I have been reading your blog at work, but for some reason it won't let me comment, (probably blocks) so I have waited to come home to write you... thanks for your words and images of light.... roxanne