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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Barron Storey Exhibit at The Society of Illustrators

A few weeks ago, Seth Apter from The Altered Page posted about his visit to see the Barron Storey exhibit at The Society of Illustrators, consisting of 100 of Storey's actual journals. Seth's wonderful post can be seen here. A couple of days ago, Michelle Ward posted on her blog details of her visit to the show which you can see here.
Something inside me was triggered- and I was intrigued to go see the exhibit for myself. Below are some of the photos I took of individual pages from Storey's journals. Just as Seth and Michelle have indicated, seeing and holding the journals in person is an amazing experience. Below is my own mini photo journal souvenir from my visit.


Seth said...

Thanks for bringing me back to the exhibit one more time. A great selection of pages here. You have captured some of the amazing faces (and other images) that Barron has captivatingly created!

Studio Sylvia said...

Some wonderful images. I came here via Seth's page.

Marilyn Rock said...

These are beyond amazing!

Anonymous said...

Told ya! Glad you were able to get there Jill. Great photos. I hardly took any....too paralyzed :)

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jill, I can't believe I missed this post. It is incredible! I stopped by to see if you had a new post up... and scrolled down and found this... your photographs are incredible, it is as if I could feel you there and how you felt seeing Barron Storey's work. It is wondrous to see. Thank you and have a lovely Sunday... Roxanne