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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Picture Perfect Central Park- Just An Unimaginable Autumn Day

It's not every day that you can capture the most exquisite sites in Central Park- a picture perfect day to gaze upon the brilliance of nature right in front of your eyes. It's so breathtakingly beautiful that it's hard to believe that you haven't stepped right inside a masterpiece painting- created out of the most dreamy of imaginations.
So travel with me into a palette of autumn colors, fancy full of shades and rich textures of the park's remarkable picturesque design and magical charm.
And as daylight turns to night, and the sun slowly sets, the city comes alive again with the lights of the city's energy - transforming it's magnificent daylight into the most showstopping nightlight!
And as the moon light shines bright with it's powerful watch over the evening sky and shadows over the city that "never sleeps", a new day wakes under its strength and begins anew. One filled with the wonder of a city that changes with each blink of your eye and every moment that goes by, mirroring the image of an autumn wonderland fitted in a covering of shear brilliance.


Steen said...

Thanks for these images – Renoir stile. We all enjoy these moments that are so fine and precious at this time of the year. And then sending us into the moony night! I cant resist repeating a previous comment… .

And within it opens into a world
And a little lovely moony night.


Seth said...

The tour of NYC through your observing eye continues! Central Park is one of my most favorite spots in the city and you have shown it at its best! Just beautiful.

Marilyn Rock said...

It's funny; we have a Central Park, here, in the city where we live and it's nothing like this! Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great day Jill!

Debrina said...

OMG...what a beautiful collection of photos, Jill! The hues of autumn at their most royal best! I wish I were in NY right now! We're into spring here (down-under)- it's still a lovely time of the year but autumn is always my bestest, hands down favourite.

Debrina said...

PS. I just saw one of my art exchange colleagues work of art for you! You're in for such a treat!
PPS. I screwed up one of my emails to Patti, who I nominated for the art exchange. Long story short, I sent her the letter Alicia sent me instead of the one you sent me. Grrr. So I'm sending you one of my artworks instead of her, ok?!

Patti said...

thanks for sharing your photos - the city is incredible enveloped in fall color - I would imagine that only spring, or a snowfall could rival this time of year!
I've sent you an email - per Debrina's note above:)

rivergardenstudio said...

What a beautiful... even dreamy set of photographs you share here... one day I will see your park.... and hopefully in the autumn. roxanne

Anonymous said...

oooh! how incredibly gorgeous! i always adore your photos and prose! i used to work with a realtor (trained her in computer junk) and she always complained of oregon's gorgeous autumns. she was from new york and would always say "sure, it's pretty enough here but you've never seen an autumn until you've spent a fall in new york". she wasn't messin' around! such beautiful, beautiful photos!