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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Designs in Nature - The Ultimate Heart Throb!

This is my 6th and final posting from our InnerWorks altered book collaboration. Today  I am showing the pages I've made from my own book, Designs in Nature   retitled from the original book  I LIFT MY LAMP Emma Lazarus The Statue of Liberty, by Nancy Smiler Levinson.  Although the focus of the book details the life of Emma Lazarus, (who wrote the famous words written on the status of liberty:
 "Give me your tired, your  poor your huddled masses yearning to breath free,  The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest  tossed to me, I lift my lamp besides the golden door. ") The power of nature, its beauty and connection to our soul is woven throughout the story.

Here are a few photographs of nature's most beautiful faces.

Our trusted, most astounding friend
 Gracious host, always welcoming, always accepting.
 A relationship where we are always an intimate insider.
Soulful - engaging all of our senses.
It's awe inspiring-with an infinite variety of patterns
 Unique blends of every color imaginable
A circus of  textures, juggling of shapes and sizes
With every day filled with surprises 
And ever magical grace and style.
It's filled with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets,
And illuminating moons shining down  
With the brilliance of stars shining bright.
The amazing colorful rainbows, at times double rainbows
Born out of the magnificence of rain
Meeting the startling sun while journeying out.
 Nature's designs are the ultimate art works
With passion, intensity and creativity
 They flirt with our every sense 
And light my heart 
To find that special place where I am most at home.


Seth said...

Such special pages Jill. I wish everybody could see your book in person because your pages are even more vivid and alive in person. And so much texture!! Loved the photographs too. Hope they are a sign that spring will be here soon!!

Steen said...

This is a beautiful and captivating completion of your Nature Design story. Your words have made this work so complete and triggered our senses - you introduced me to earth music!! Your poem in the end is touching and has reminiscences to your previous contributions. In that poem I can find my way back into many of your wonderful stories and images. Steen

deb said...

I am such a non-colour person! Your work blows me away with its vibrancy and detail! Of course my favorite pictures are the succulents and the pussy willow (the least colourful of all!)

Kim said...

The book looks such a feast Jill! So inspiring! Nature certainly has the goods! Loved the pics, I'm so smiling now!

Evangeline said...

Wonderful pages & photos! Such vibrancy!

Marilyn Rock said...

So hopeful all of these photos. Your artwork and the photos of flowers and nature's best just make me feel so good! I thank you for this! xxoo

Patti said...

absolutely love the pages, so much that would, like Seth said, be even richer in person! and are those your words???

Stephanie said...

This looks like an amazing collaborative project!! I THANK YOU for all these beautiful images of spring deLIGHT!

We have a last blast (fingers crossed!) of winter raging outside at the moment...

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Jill, your joy in nature is so captivating, your photograhs of it's gifts are so vibrant that you have made me smile as well.
And your writing...my favorite: "...illuminating moons shining down" and your beautiful words on my blog:
" ...a magical garden of your thoughts" lovely and always to be remembered... sending wishes for a lovely weekend and new projects... now that our books are finished! roxanne

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Arn't these collabs so much fun? You have such a wide varity of great spreads here and your book is a real treasure!

layers said...

what a beautiful hand made book-- so colorful-- to match ALL your many images of spring flowers and nature.

Debrina said...

Gorgeous work Jill! I was absolutely mesmerized by your flower photographs...in particular the dandelion! Fantastic stuff!!

Supria Karmakar said...

Your book is lovely and I have so enjoyed your artwork..so layered, vibrant and joyous...thanks for sharing.

Marilyn said...

Photos are magnificent - love your grasshopper too!