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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Featured Guest Designer for "Italy on Sunday"

I'm honored to have been asked to be the first guest designer for 2010 by the multi-talented Gio and Roberta from Rome, Italy.  My charge was to submit a creative theme and show a corresponding work of art reflecting this theme.  It wasn't hard to decide on Can't Keep It In  - a trigger for so much of my art.  The theme will be used for a blog challenge for those participating to make cards, art journals, ATCs etc.  You can find me featured in their special Guest Designer-Italy on Sunday series  here.  

The artwork I chose was a mixed media piece I created in 
March 2009 seen here.

Turned on with synergies filling me  
The need to release
All of this volcanic energy. 
Nights of painting transported free 
Filling canvas with gusts of me 
 Spinning artistic poetry
  Spilling out my inner me. 
Unwrapped - Emotions tapped
  Can't Keep It In-
Now that's a wrap! 

P.S. I'm so happy to report that there are already  several submissions  for this challenge which you can see on my sidebar here



Seth said...

Congratulations Jill! I look forward to seeing what is created based on yoru challenge. And this artwork is spectacular. I remember seeing it before and I was and still am blown away by the details of it all!

Gio said...

Your artwork is a masterpiece of colours anergy and light! Thank you so much!

Steen said...

Your mixed media piece you created a year ago (!) is great with its abundance of symbols and hints for everyone to wonder... and your poem in the end wraps it all up. Thats where you are! Congratulations with your new task. I hope you will get to show more things in “ Italy on Sunday”. The Europeans will love your spontaneity and your directness that you sometimes show when it suites you. Steen.

Renee Howell said...

Jill - your words with your art are such a match! I'm very excited for your opportunity with "Italy on Sunday." How interesting! I'll keep a watching what you are up to! Renee

Marilyn Rock said...

Jill; this is incredible! I love the colors, patterns and your words with it - perfect marriage! xxoo

Debrina said...

Congratulations, Jill! Wonderful news and well done. I love this piece because it's kinda street arty and really forward with the colours and the detail. Beaut stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations Jill, and I love the poem, getting free, that's where we all are!!

Kim Palmer said...

Can't keep it in is a perfect theme for this piece Jill. Talk about buzzing with energy! Great piece, it's so vibrant!

Studio Sylvia said...

Vitality brimming. Congrats!

Roberta said...

Your work is superb and rich details: a true piece of art!

rivergardenstudio said...

Wow Jill, this piece is amazing and so perfect with your words and your poem. I love the interview! And the story of your art... how you create and how spontaneous you are. It is all wonderful! Have a beautiful week, dear one... roxanne

Anonymous said...

congrats, jill! this is fantastic! i noticed mention of this on your side bar and went to the blog to read about it before finding this post. wonderful job being featured and i love your piece and the theme! the colors are so vibrant and it reminds me in a way of fine graffiti which is something i adore. it's such a powerful piece! i LOVE your poem, too!

ArtSnark said...

wow- such vibrant work! Glad I stopped over from Seth's Tools & Techniques post - enjoying your blog & art

Patti said...

I can certainly see why Seth linked to this post - your ability to use color is so fabulous - I love the results!
Hope you are well:)