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Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Colors In My Life and Soul

Since coming home from the hospital, I've been overwhelmed with the need to incorporate new colors into my life-in my clothes, in my home, and into my art.  It's as if  I've been draped with a rainbow of colors within me. 

Seth Apter from The Altered Page  posted about the  The Butterfly Effect 


which immediately caught my eye and heart. It's a  Project  to honor the 1.5 million children who lost their lives in the holocaust by collecting 1.5 million hand made butterflies for display.  He indicated that Trudi Sissons from TwoDressesStudio  graciously volunteered to receive the butterflies from the blogging community and forward them to the Holocaust Museum in Houston Texas, the sponsors of the project  - scheduled to open in the spring of 2013. .  You can read more about the project in Trudi's blog  here. To date, 400,000 butterflies have been received by the museum.
Below is my butterfly contribution to the project. 

The butterfly is made of book board and measures 7.5" by 8". It's covered in multi-colors of tissue paper cut in squares placed overlapping one another. Squares were outlined using acrylic paint, colored sharpies and marking pens.
   It's a butterfly filled with more colors than I previously would have made. 

In 2009, Alicia Caudle fr0m Altered Bits sponsored a Black and White display of artwork she selected for her wonderful E-Zine which you can see here. I created the following piece for it titled Lost and Found  on pages 38 and 39.

   Below is the same piece  with a little "color make over and some embellishments." Yes, it's time for more color in my life!


Be all the colors that you feel. Take in their power, their amazing sense of energy and the change that they can make in you. 


Seth said...

Loving the bursts of colors that have come to you and from you since your medical problems have started to resolve! Beautiful butterfly and while I didn't think your black and white piece could be bettered -- it is!!

Steen said...

Jill, Wonderful to see you back on your post!! I like the new clock with the new words, colors and the new and happy ruler! And all the music is still there.
And then the wonderful project - I love your butterfly with the magnificent colors and the thoughts that follow.
They are all our children - Steen.

deb said...

I love the addition of colour to your life, and I am so glad to see a new post which I hope means you are feeling well? I can't help but think of you every time I get online as the computer I use is in my youngest daughter's room and right next to it is framed your "dream and fly forever" piece which was in our card swap and she fell in love with it! She turned 16 yesterday and her life is just beginning, full of hope and aspiration, and every day your art motivates her to go forward with courage and grace, thank you so much for being a part of our daily lives!!

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Glad to see your back. Love those magical pieces of Lost & Found, especially the addition of colours to your new lives.

Anonymous said...

hello my sweet, lovely friend! omg, i LOVE your butterfly! i was going to start in on mine last night when i read about the project on seth's blog, but my husby said i should finish my assemblage first (did that today as you saw). also, he wanted me to wait as he too would like to make a butterfly for this. i'm so excited!! it really touched him personally due to his jewish heritage so in this case, he can move over from the musical art man that he is to a visual artist for a day. our little one wants to make a butterfly too. :) thank you for the butterfly inspiration! i can't wait to start ours!

now, as for your gorgeous black and white piece -- i absolutely LOVED that. i thought it was so beautiful and perfect but oh my gosh -- i just sings now!! not that it didn't before, but the transformation of that piece is just amazing. it went from amazing to AMA-ZING!!! lovelovelove it lady! fantastic job!!!

love and hugs to you, sweets! and lots of rainbows!

Patti said...

Oh, wow, the butterfly is magnificent! and I love your inspired need for color. It makes me wonder why I only see color in my studio and on my fingers:) (I do a lot of sponging:)
I do hope you are feeling lots better, your attitude certainly could be any finer and I'm so very glad for that!!!!
Thanks for the info on the butterfly project - I'll jump, well, tread lightly, into that one!

take care sweets!

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jill, I was just writing you an email, when I thought I would check your blog AND here is a new post!! It is wonderful, your stained-glass feeling butterfly for such a beautiful cause, and this new collage. So much to soak in. The library corner, the nest in the alter, strength, and all together making this intricate piece of wonder. I am filled with delight here and feel your smiles and joyful creativity. roxanne

Debrina said...

Jill, this is magnificent! AND so are you! I love this so much, in fact, that I've set it as my desktop backround. I would also like to apologise for not getting here sooner - Jason takes up soooo much of my time (but of course, that is as it is supposed to be with a 2yr old!). I am so glad you are back here from your time away in hospital. I received your email and I can't remember if I replied or not but it does seem like a long time since I got it, so I really do hope you are ok! By all accounts - looking at this magnificent piece, you are! Love Debs

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

Jill - I'm so glad I found your blog and will dip in to soak myself in your creativity now regularly!!

Renee Howell said...

Jilly - so happy to see the color! makes me smile for you and yours! forever healing with color added.

Evangeline said...

I have been taking some time to catch up on your blog this morning, and your beautiful photos and artwork are such a treat! And your beautiful positivity even more of a treat and an inspiration. I hope you are continuing to heal, and wrap yourself in those new colours! And the black & white piece with the touches of colour is wonderful.