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Friday, October 15, 2010

Music and Art in One Composition!

I ran across a copy of Aaron Copland's "What to Listen For in Music" and was amazed to find so many of the same components in music as in art.  In the book,  Copland discusses "how the layman can cultivate a richer understanding and appreciation of this inspiring art- by the very act of intelligently listening to the music itself."  He speaks of musical texture, mixed tone colors, the creative process and timbre in music being equal to color in painting.  

 I started to think of the concept of art appreciation - much like music appreciation- learning about the components of each that we may not be aware of-not knowing how to see or listen for.  There have been many times when I may look at a piece of art and  think- I must be missing something when it doesn't call to my heart.  Maybe it's just not in sync with what I'm attracted to, but it's possible there is a beauty to it that I don't see because I don't know how or what  to look for in it. 

Here's  a recent rainbow I saw looking out my window. It was one of the most striking rainbows I've seen and immediately made me think of Copland's book.

Here's a butterfly I was so excited to see outside my door  - miraculously, right after I completed my butterfly for 
The Butterfly Effect Project.
 Today, I went to the Conservatory in Central Park to see autumn  flowers. They were all so gorgeous and seemed to have a special beat all their own.

 There were spectacular flowers exploding in shapes I've never seen before.

And garden beds filled with the most beautiful assortment of flowers
 in all different colors and textures
and patterns mixed with such varied  shaped leaves to form bold mosaics where ever I looked.

And  here are the flowers which reminded me of scores of musical notes-
in a classical symphony making their own special  music.

And although I've posted many pictures of one of my favorite sculptures in the park-
today the women seemed to be dancing wildly to music- almost as if they had come to life!

 When life seems quiet, lifeless and without color or sound, sometimes we need to step back- listen and look very carefully. 
 Perhaps then we can  see  the colors in music and the beautiful musical sounds in colors. 


Seth said...

Never really connected music and art before quite like you did in this post. Really interesting. Great shots of the amazing color and beauty in Central Park. And the fountain women do look more alive then usual. Probably because you were photographing them!!

Steen said...

Yes, it’s there - the connection! I also agree that the visual arts and music are brothers and sisters. Fill your heart and soul with music and it affects your creativity and everything else you do becomes better. When I read your “Rights of Passage” I sensed right away that it resembles a particular symphonic piece – it was so easy to see. But the plot is also a classic! I guess it was building up with all your notes behind clocks and symbols and here it was for us in your own words. Your pictures are wonderful - again. Steen

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

So grateful to be surrounded by all fine and beautiful things.

Karin Bartimole said...

Gorgeous photos Jill - and I felt as though I could *hear* them as I approached them through your words. I can imagine the music that accompanies the petals playing against the breeze, and the explosion of color from that spectacular rainbow!!
I know music effects me deeply when I'm creating, which is why I rarely listen to music when I am in the studio, unless I am trying to work through a specific emotion. Then I'll find music to support that feeling, crank it up, and paint with the feeling! But if I'm working on a specific project that needs concentration, I can't have music distracting me...

Hope all is well with you! xox Karin

Debrina said...

I have synthesia, so music and art are almost one to me. I also "see" hot, cold and warm and everything in between, by touch. I know, sounds kooky but that's my brain's wiring for ya! Ha. I've heard a lot of artists have it...we just don't slow down long enough to "notice" it.

One of my favourite genres of music is alternative, especially the trip hop djs...they are collage and mixed media artists using sound to create their pieces. I just "see" layers and layers of imagery when I listen to them.

What a neat post, Jill! Look what you got me writing! Your photos are also splendid, as always!!!

Debrina said...

Jill! You'll love this...my verification word for posting the above comment was "mentalli".. Good grief...I reckon that verification thing is a bit of a prophet.

rivergardenstudio said...

Wonderful post Jill, the connection between art and music is so strong, I see it in the feelings and emotions, the darks and lights, the highs and lows. I love that you discuss that here, with your beautiful walk through the flowers as they play their concert for you!
I have been stepping back and watching the rain today, and sometimes right out into it as I try to play with video's. I am determined to capture the sounds, of the rain. of the wind blowing through the pines and birches, of the rustling leaves.
sending wishes for you to have a week filled with color and music. roxanne

Renee Howell said...

Hi Jilly - WON-DER-FULL post! Love the colors, shapes, music - perfect post as we head into the cold of fall and winter's freezing moments. the white of snow, shades of brown in trees and shrubs/grass - things that used to be green. Yes - the appreciation of music and art. One of our daughters is art - visual, fiber, sculpture. Another - music, sound, word play - knows all the words to all the songs. Both - art filled. Great rainbow pic!

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

What a fabulous post Jill! The field of flowers compared to musical notes will resonate with me for years! Perfection. Last night I was watching a documentary on the musical trio - RUSH and there were several metaphors similar to what you've written here.

The butterfly coming to visit you, I can assure you is not by chance. Similar stories abound and it's amazing how much synchronicity erupts when people practice acts of kindness like you have~!


Kim Palmer said...

Wonderful to see the fountain girls back again for another peek! Hope this finds you feeling a little better now and on the road to better health Jill.I think all the arts be they visual, performing or musical require a basic background knowledge to begin to appreciate them. That said however some forms definitely speak to one more than others.In their own fashion each paints a picture with texture, and requires light and shadow to create depth and colour to convey its message. Sometimes we receive the beautiful calligraphied letter and we really get the message, and at othertimes it's just a post-it note we screw up and throw in the bin, LOL!

Marilyn Rock said...

Great post Jill! I, too, feel all of the art venues are connected; it's a family really. Many of the same issues that we, as visual artists, face; theater, music, etc. share the same.

Love your inspirational photos. That rainbow is SO hopeful isn't it? The statue is amazing and the flowers are oh; so beautiful!

Thank you! xxoo Marilyn

layers said...

Hi Jill, I have not been here in awhile because my dashboard at my blog says that you have not posted anything for a whole year-- I know someone else who had this problem and she had to get help to get it corrected-- anyway, you have beautiful images here.

Patti said...

WOW, such fabulous, amazing photographs! Wish I could have gone on that walk with you! I think the correlation between music and art is very interesting... a lot to think about. I really believe that the creative disciplines share so much - thanks for sharing the info and incredible photos!

~*~Patty S said...

Dear Jilly ~ it is so soothing and uplifting to visit you here...thank you for all of the eye candy and for opening my eyes too

sending all good wishes to you and yours

Pam said...

Hi Jill!
I am an educator, exhibiting mixed media artist and a writer. I love, love, love, your mixed media collage, your colors are vibrant and the texture is wonderfully rich. I am originally from the Berkshires of MA, now I live in FL. I just became a follower of your blog so i can see what you're up to- I hope you will check into mine http://www.rossini-malafronte.blogspot.com to see what I'm doing, and maybe become a follower of mine too! Please leave a comment; I value and appreciate yours too!