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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It is inescapable....
Either in it Or outside it
Missing it Making it
Losing it Finding it
Spending it Wanting it
Wasting it Needing it
Being Lost in it.
How powerful it is....
All Consuming.
With a MIND of its own
People say "Time is all telling".
It's the great dictator...
Time to eat Time to sleep Time to start Time to stop.
Play Time, Work Time, Summer Time, Winter time, Spring Time,
Autumn Time.
In school, there was math time, gym time, art time,
Reading time- Everything seemed to have a time of its own.
We talk about it endlessly...
"Time stopped. In all of time. Time flew. A Time warp.
Time soared. Time disappeared, Time- I just don't know where it went".
We calculate our life in terms of it...
Moments seconds minutes hours days weeks
Years decades centuries millennium
It seems to define us, it's a part of us, where ever we go, it seems to tower over us.
Thinking we need to look at it- know it, keep to it, abide by it-
Special inventions were created to keep track of it:
Sun dials, clocks, time clocks, time pieces, watches, metronomes, stop watches, street meters
All new phones, tvs, electronic appliances, and digital gadgets have them.
Some sing, some bing, some cookoo, come chirp, some have buzzers and alarms
They all have one thing in common-
Being an integral part of our lives.
And in a moment of time- what happens?
We take a breath
We have a thought
We laugh
We cry
Our blood flows
We can recognize a scent
See a sight
Have a sensation through touch
Feel something through our heart and mind.
Perhaps one of the strangest things to evolve is the saying-
People are paid by time ...
Hourly, weekly ,biweekly, yearly
By how many items they make in a given time.
And in relation to art--
Can we also say its value is measured "by time"- an "ingredient" in some artists' work
Or perhaps how long it took to create the artwork.
If a work took 100 hours to complete- does it get priced to value the 100 hours?
What if over 10 years, you've mastered a technique
So that what once took 100 hours now takes 3 hours.
Does the pricing drop, stay the same,
Increase because of an artist's notoriety or demand?
Is our time's value still measured the same way?
Does a life time of experience,
Honing skills, mastering a unique style or practice
Come into play regardless of current time taken?
Do larger works "validate" higher pricing (exclusive of cost of materials)because it must take more time to complete?
I started to think about this when in a few seconds,
I was able to change the colors and intensity of photos I took......
And in another few seconds......another photo's colors were changed.
And again, in another playful moment, I altered colors on a seaside photo.
What else can we do in and with time?
Can we go back? Go forward?
Can we plan our "future" time?
It can't be held or unto itself be seen
Yet it seems as if it can control us.
I will always be mesmerized by time-
What is it?
We can only see the EFFECTS of this seemingly invisible entity-
That at times, seems to slip right through our fingers,
Right in front of our eyes.
And at other times,
Time appears to stand still in its quiet mysterious way.
Time can appear both active and passive.
It's ours to appreciate and honor
To treasure
And make the most of.
Make the time to see...
The colors and funny sights that shine in front of us
And above us-
And of course- in an artistic sense-
At all cost- make time
to smell the coffee-
Smile.... and EnJoY your life
The very bEsT way YoU CAN-
With the TIME You Have!


Seth said...

Well it is about time somebody wrote about this subject!! You are so right about the fact that so much of our lives is dictated by time -- a concept that we can not really see, touch, or perhaps even fully comprehend. But without question, these are the times of our lives and we ought to make the most and best of every precious second!

Marilyn Rock said...

Super post Jill! When we think, of it, all we get are moments - with family, friends, our art, everything. Thoughts of you always....Marilyn xxoo

Steen said...

Time …. Surprise… Vibrant and captivating little piece. Time - the only topic or the only dimension that links us all together. Fun to read and also to be told, in a poetic way, how we are all controlled and consumed by it. I enjoyed when you wrote - “with a mind of its own” – that says a lot.
So interesting and it´s for all of us. If you bring all kinds of different people together- fx people from the arts and physics (here the tough ones to make my point!) and the subject time comes up, they will in no time talk, tell stories and smile. And you had fun when you wrote it!

~*~Patty S said...

brilliant Jilly...you certainly did cover the topic beautifully!

...a time for every purpose under heaven...
turn turn ...
came to mind about mid way through reading your post

time to go and try to make something

Renee Howell said...

Hey Jill! GREAT post. TIME. all around us. and yet, not. invisible. but recordable.

Been thinking about you lately - in between the busy-ness.

Take good care! LOVE the changing photos! Beautiful!

Debrina said...

Awesome posting, Jill!! Loved it, indentify with it. My problem always seems to be no time, or is it just what time I have goes so fast? Beautiful, stunning photography Jill. New York photos?? My sister is heading over your way soon - I've instructed her to get to Tinsel Trading. Have you visited there? She will be my time maker - making time to do some shopping for me, ha ha.

rivergardenstudio said...

hmmm. time. I have a lot of it this week! It is my spring break! Right now, besides writing you(!) I am watching the clouds, one minute they bring rain, then snow and then the sun bursts through. Today I wish you time to look up at the sky! roxanne

~*~Patty S said...

I had a great time reading this post again dear Jilly...I so enjoy what you do with words and images = always brilliant and inspiring and a very good time :)

Marit said...

I have not seen this post before, and it's such a precious and wonderful text... I'm glad Seth highlighted it so I found it... I could use your wise words today. Thanks my friend, I will spend my time well today!