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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Post Has Finally Arrived!

I've been busy these past few weeks- engaged in completing artwork which I will share in the near future. In the mean while, here is a mixed media series I've been working on using old stamps - and what better way to continue their usefulness than to give them new life as the centerpiece of my art.
I've used many layers as accents to the main subject of the stamp! For those who are history buffs, the infamous postage stamp's history can be seen here.
The background for the work below is heavy duty watercolor paper, topped by bought decorated paper, topped by wood from Hawaii, covered with an old envelop topped by a piece of wood with this stamp from France added on top.
This work starts out with rubber stamped paper topped with a page from an old book covered with a piece of cloth covered by a piece of suede topped by wood and then this stamp from New Zealand.
This work starts out with a photograph of rust that I took and then printed on a textured paper topped by printed paper I received in an art exchange topped by cardboard I painted topped by this stamp from France.
This artwork starts out on heavy duty water color paper topped with a textured paper topped by two layers of printed paper with a top layer of wood and then this postage stamp from Romania.
This last artwork starts out on heavy duty water color paper topped with tapestry topped by 3 layers of textured paper placed over painted cardboard and then finished with this stamp from Lebanon.
Anything and everything can be used for artwork- the only limitation is that of our imagination.


Renee said...

stamp sandwiches! Love it! makes me smile miss Jilly! love that you are back at the post! miss your energy when you are off creating! take care

Seth said...

Lots of layers to love! Such a great selection of paper, paint, and such beautiful stamps. Happy to see you posting again!

rivergardenstudio said...

Your stamps are gorgeous, and the way you have made them stand out with your beautiful colors and layers makes me smile. I love your playfulness and your textures. I especially love the Romania stamp with the white bird. And your piece on the top is wonderful. And so is the fish!!! roxanne

Anonymous said...

these are so very lovely, miss jilly. i love all of the layers and textures and colors. the stamps are just divine too! so glad to see your magnificent creations, my sweet friend!!

deb said...

I so love your use of colour. these are really vibrant and fabulous

Marilyn Rock said...

I love postal art and I adore yours. They are so filled with texture, wonderful colors and meaning!

Steen said...

Such fun to see your post on post from the past. Followed your link and read about stamps! You should have that 2 cents stamp from New Haven in your collection! Also saw your stamp from New Zealand with the supposedly innocent virgin and you wrote FeMail behind – that’s good!! You have a creative mind!! And you are always good when you do layers. Steen