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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Collaboration of Poetry and Art to create "Hooked On Love!"

Here is a mixed media work that I recently completed- made on a hard resin material
topped with 3 ceramic hooks I purchased on my last trip to Sedona. This is actually a functional work of art- as it's hung in my bedroom and is used to hang things on! With in this work is a poem from an 1866 book set that my mom had given me titled, "Poems- by Elizabeth Barrett Browning" published by James Miller.
The book that I took the sonnet "How Do I Love Thee" from is Part IV of the 5 part book collection put together after Elizabeth's death. Here are three of the books. Notice that the binding indicates the author's name as
Mrs. Browning.
Inside the cover is a portrait of Elizabeth with a tissue paper covering.
And the actual page that the poem came from can be seen here.
To see the rest of the poem, written in courtship to her future husband, poet Robert Browning, as well as a brief history of Elizabeth's life, look here.
The Altered Page, he included a fascinating article which you can see here titled "Viewing Art Gives Same Pleasure as Being in Love". It's a fascinating topic- one that I would tend to agree with.
Find something in art that connects with you - and who knows, you just may find your own love connection!


Seth said...

What a great piece Jill. Thanks for sharing some of the background of it and those wonderful books. I love the dimensional aspect of the piece and how cool that it is functional too. And of all the aspects that are part of your creation, the circles stand out to me. The circles of life indeed!

Steen said...

Thanks for showing us your new mixed media collection. Its very beautiful and full of mystique. And thanks for the wonderful poem by Mrs. Browning. I sense that the books your mom gave you in many ways, including the page you show us, is an important and very personal thing for you.

Marilyn Rock said...

Absolutely awesome! xxoo

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Jill, I love the new photo of you! You have such a lightness to you... and this piece, with it's layers of scraped color and timelessness. And your beautiful books of poetry. Happy weekend to you! roxanne

Debrina said...

Hi Jill,
love this latest creation. Ahh books, they are my life! Well, as a librarians I certainly make a good living out of them :-) They are more than anything, however, inspiration. Particularly to us artists. They are what fuels my creativity and provide an endless source of wonderment. Lovely to catch up!!

Oh, I forgot to tell you, my sister just came back from NY last week and bought back with her some treasures from Tinsel Trading...for me!! Have you been into that store and are there any others to rival it in NY??

~*~Patty S said...

Thee certainly is a lot of Love about what you created here Jilly!

Extra special with a part of your Mom AND that you can use the hooks too...Seth's metal pieces make a super accent...I have mine tucked away...you have inspired me to use them!

wonderful colors and texture going on, I am off to check out your links

so glad you shared this with us!
Brightest of Blessings dear Jilly!

Anonymous said...

I have been living under a sea of papers, but now summer is finally here I can reconnect with all my blog friends. I love this work, I really like that it is functional and so you will enjoy it everyday, what a splendid thing! You have been so busy here lately, I love the stamps and I am a little envious of your wonderful swap! Best & blessings to you, hope the sun is shining!

Anonymous said...

how ever did i miss this post!? i have been a naughty blogger lately! this is such gorgeous goodness, my sweet friend! i LOVE this new piece!! and i love the books too, of course. i'm a lover of old books (have been going through lots lately to find things for our big huge collaboration!).

loves to you, gorgeous lady!