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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Art, Artists, and City Street Textures!

This past weekend, I went to the Affordable Art Fair in New York City, featuring local and international exhibitors showcasing original and contemporary art from $100 to $10,000. I was lucky enough to meet up with Corina Alvarezdelugo, an artist I met through LaWendula's  infamous art swaps.
 Here's Corina beside some of her beautifully textured encaustic artwork.

I was enthralled with the work of  Juan Manuel Pajares- a member of Art for Progress  who is a master at combining the elements of advertising, politics and street life. Here is some of his work.

When I look at his work,
 I feel such a connection to the textures and backgrounds on the streets of  New York City as seen by some of my photos below...

His work also reminded me of some of my own artwork!

Perhaps that's why I liked it so much-  drawn to it- making a connection.  We all have attractions to art, words, sounds, people and our environment- a kaleidoscope of stimulus that we react to and with.    What creates your inspiration?  What inspires you to create?


Seth said...

Great to see some work from AAF. And the images of your work blend right in. How cool that you had an opportunity to meet an artist that you did a collaborative swap with. I am always inspired by the sights and sounds of NYC - it doesn't get better than that.

LaWendula said...

Jilly, that's great, so much art, wish I could have been there with you! But one day...
Great you've met Corina! :)

steen said...

Artists I wouldn´t know of if it wasn´t for you! Thanks. A post on textures and more street art that I am sure we all like. Your first photo on textures reminded me a little of tour into biology. If you knew the beautiful structures one can find you would be amazed!! There are super structures in flowers and butterfly wings as you showed us, but in microscopy when looking into a small, secret place, things can be regular exactly as your photo, and at the same time so artistically irregular as only mother nature can do it! Worth a tour. You are always generously leading us to other artists – big applause for that!

Renee Howell said...

Hi Jill - love visting your blog - so much energy! Love the inspiration. Good to be back with my art blogger friends. The mix of advertising is wonderful. LOVE it. Take care!!!!

~*~Patty S said...

Great post!!!

Absolutely Love the idea that you got to meet someone from a paper swap that originated in Germany. LaWendula is amazing in what she has done to connect mixed media bloggers!

Connection is a powerful thing and we know instantly when it occurs...I like that...enjoyed reading about your fav/most important tool on Seth's blog too!

You always make me think and feel and enjoy dear Jilly!

thank you and Happy October!

ArtSnark said...

what fun! Thanks for taking us along for the ride

Marilyn Rock said...

I loved viewing these today with your fabulous post! Thank you! What inspires me to create is visiting your Blog! xxoo

MrCachet said...

I'm here via Seth's Tech & Tools project, and glad I stopped by. Lots of inspiration for art here, packed into some great images.

Laura Tringali Holmes said...

Visiting from Seth Apter's Pulse. Liked the brain response, and liked this post, too!

Elena and Russ said...

Have wonderful Holidays and very Happy, creative and prosperous New Year, Jill!

Corina S. Alvarezdelugo said...

Hi Jill,

What a wonderful surprise to find my picture here! LOL!!

Thanks again for stopping by and also thanks so much for this post. I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself at the AAF, it was a real pleasure to finally meet you and your husband.

Hope all is well, looking forward to seeing more of your art.

Best always,