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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Transformation Thursdays!

 In all its glory, depending on the species, the beautiful butterfly goes through the most amazing life cycle transformations. It starts with 2 butterflies mating, producing an egg, and then larva is hatched 
(also known as a caterpillar). 

They  then grow into a chrysalis when the magic really begins and a total metamorphosis occurs....

And as you can see in the picture below-- a butterfly emerges.  Within three to four hours, the butterfly will then master the act of flying in search of a mate to reproduce... 

And the cycle goes on. 

There are so many varieties of butterflies- each consisting of a feast of vivid colors, different shapes, and wings covered with all sorts of patterned designs. 

 There are all kinds of transformations in nature- including the magic of flowers emerging from tightly closed buds.
 Exquisite in every way imaginable.
Compare these transformations to that of artwork- 
With the incredible transformation of supplies 
To Art  
In a world of unlimited ideas, mediums and novel techniques. 
And if you reflect,
The treasured part of our artistic creations
Is that they have a very special life cycle-
For it's the one we choose to give them!


Seth said...

A fitting analogy for the creation of art and such beautiful images to tell the story.

Marilyn Rock said...

How creative to connect the lives of butterflies to the creation of art! Brilliant! I am so fascinated by this post! The photos are incredible. Thank you! xxoo

~*~Patty S said...

I SO enjoy how you weave words and imagery dear Jilly ... this post speaks to me on so many levels and so beautifully too!

What a treat!
Thank you

steen said...

Jill, butterflies - super example of transformations that symbolizes the creative processes in art. It occurred to me … that they are also the most extraordinary examples of mimicry and diversity in the natural world!! Great post and wonderful pictures.

Trudi Sissons said...

Beautiful post! And thanks for the mini-tour of the art sale - I have to get my 'hit' of bigger city life through blogs like yours and Seth's!
Hope all is well! Looks to be so!

Anonymous said...

a beautiful post! and yes, transformation. and on life goes...:)