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Monday, September 3, 2012

A New Window of Opportunity!

When and where is it that we can actually create our very own personalized window of opportunity?  In art, that's exactly where we can do it- and I've been engaged in creating such a window for the past several months.  What started out as a simple project to work on a mini artistic window similar to ones I saw in Sante Fe, New Mexico ( pictured below)  turned into a haven of joy.  It became a playground to envision a new scene as often as I liked, and in whatever shades, patterns, and colors I was in the mood to fashion.

I started with an 8" x 8" wooden framed box which I covered with a grey gesso. The next step was to use a self hardening modeling paste to create a window frame. I glued a paper print of one of the  "Santa Fe" windows in  the center and then
the frenzy of experimenting began!

Before I knew it, I was playing with a variety of designs- 
From  the inclusion of a  butterfly
 To previewing what it would look like if words surrounded the frame.

Then came a fun hunt though my drawers and boxes of metals for the perfect brass piece  to adorn the frame. I soon found myself changing the brass as often as I would change  the color and design of the window.  Throughout this process,  I discovered that we can create and recreate to our hearts content.  It was a unique opportunity to  play, have fun, and  ultimately, end up with the window of opportunity that filled my dreams.
Did I like this brass window adornment?

Or this brass topping?

I then decided the brass ware below was the one I would use to crown the window. The next step would be to  decide  what color  the frame would be and what  the panes of glass  would look like. Would it have a modern flavor, an antique finish or somewhere in between?  Would it have a window "scene" as the view  I created below?
 There was that lingering feeling that it wasn't quite what I wanted for
 " My Window of Opportunity". 
 I  continued to change the colors  and view of my window-  with amazement at the drastic changes in each of the versions.
 Then finally- with a few additional layers of paint,  I  selected the color of the brass window crown...

And the final window's view would have a stained glass appearance.
I wanted to have a window with a "reflecting" quality.

  My life continues to be woven with synchronistic events- like streaming ribbons that continue to be tied together.  The day after I completed my window, I was walking along the street and out of the corner of my eye, a saw a sparkle.  I turned by head, and there was the most amazing looking toy house  - about the same size as my window  just sitting on the inside ledge of a store.  

Of course, I just loved it!
Make your own window of opportunity  
Let it be a play box to experiment and be free to travel as far as you like.
When you're done, there is always time to come home.

 Enjoy life to it's fullest- include lots of play, laughter, and colorful, splashy over the top dreams to fill your heart's delight! 


Seth said...

Thanks for this window into your creative process. It is amazing how fearless you are with your art - creating, recreating, and recreating again. Fantastic!

steen said...

Wonderful tour you are giving us! A vade mecum to us for the use of creative thoughts..with a don´t worry it will all come to you if you stay with it! Sadly, you lost the words from the early frame but I do see they don´t fit into the final creation. A great composition and must have been fun to make. I like the white square above the white circle - that makes it really sparkle!

~*~Patty S said...

the only thing lovelier than what you create is how beautifully you describe and take us along on your creative journey

all I can say is WOW and WOW!

finding that little "spirit house" in the shop window really makes me smile too

Sante Fe must have been wonderful and obviously so very inspiring

those are some spectacular water lilies too!

Wondering what other 'windows of opportunity' are in your future dear Jilly!

Happy September

Marit said...

I'm in ooh and aaawe over your window Jill... and I admire the steps you took to get there - that takes a lot of courage and you sure are a courageous lady!

rivergardenstudio said...

I love your windows! Oh, I can just imagine you in this creative land of your imagination. I bet your studio is amazing!!! roxanne

Marilyn Rock said...

OMG Jill! I LOVE your window - it is amazing! Thanks for sharing the process and your words with it are so appropriate and inspiring. That toy house is wonderful! WOW! I so enjoyed this post - thank you! xxoo

Sharmon Davidson said...

Jill, your window is amazing! thanks also for sharing your creation process with us. Santa Fe must be quite the inspirational place to be!

Pam McKnight said...

First time to your site. I love this post! Thanks for sharing your insights. I am a fellow 5 x 5 artist