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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Postcard Has Arrived!!

There's one thing you can always be certain of, and that's the uncertainty of what my paintings will finally look like and when they will be complete. As many know, most of my works are filled with  hidden items within a mosaic of designs that have special meaning to me. This new piece, The Postcard, is no exception.

What was once this---

 A 12" x 16"  mixed media canvas filled with components of postcards, money, vintage papers, music, rubber stamp images, writings from Signed by Ange, papers from LaWendula  and segments from an original 1964 Worlds Fair Souvenir  Guidebook....

Is Now This!

A mixed media work composed of acrylic paints,  additional new and vintage  stamps, writings, music, postcards, a photo of mine, money,  an original special four leaf clover from Michelle Ward,  Hebrew writing from a Torah and a mother/child picture from my mother's birth certificate.  
A few elements remain from the previous version, but if you were to peel off the top layers, you'd be sure to find a painting under a painting here.

Here's to finding color, music and joy in all you see! 


Marilyn Rock said...

Well; I'm surely finding joy, color and inspiration in your art here! Oh my!! I don't want to stop looking! All the layers, meaningful inclusions, so much to see and love!

Thank you! xxoo

steen said...

The new post card is beautiful with such a richness in detail and with all the symbolism for yourself and may be also for us. You lost the ladies, the pesos and you did tear down most of the walls in the big house. We gained a lot and the new bird full of music is just so inspiring. Can almost hear it. And we gained Mary Casatt who is so popular in DK. And your Hawaii you are always hinting at survived of course. And now New Zealand is there.
But most importantly, you build yourself a new light house. The light house we all need.
Now you can shine light and tell us where you are and from within you can look into the world and see its beauty.