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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Looking through the Viewfinder

I woke up this morning to the sounds of thunderous rain-as it had been all through the night. Violent drum sounds - pounding, echoing between crackles of lighting- literally sounding as if the sky was crashing down, causing even my own heart to pound. Looking out my bedroom window, there were about 20 egrets walking in a line, through the soaked grasses of my yard- a sight I had never seen before. I grabbed a new (never used) camera to take what I was sure was going to be an amazing picture-only to find that it was impossible without some sort of covering from the rain. Ran back for an umbrella- and there upon my return were the egrets, standing at attention. In unison, the egrets mimicked my every move. With the wind gusting against me, one hand was holding the umbrella, and with the other, I was unsteadily shooting, hoping to take "the" picture I had my heart set on. Soaked, I returned home-at this point, blind to what images I actually captured.

Inspired by what just transpired, I was excited to take a look at my "old" ertiababe blog. (Last night, I had changed its name to JAZworks) Though just touching the surface, I'm grateful to learn the technical/mechanical aspects of how to set up/create a blog. And, it's within each posting on my blog, that I've been able to capture a snapshot (fuzzy as it may be) of my current state in being "fabulous 50". I'm creating new directions for myself, discovering my own tastes, desires, as well as feeling the uncertainty of what it is that I want to pursue. What appears to look clear at one moment, moves to a blur the next. One image is crystal clear. My discovery and exploration of the blog world has been an artistic metaphor of my own life. Sifting through so many amazing blogs, and then documenting my own responses to them through my posts- has been both capivating. At the same time, it's actually been overwhelming, to be over stimulated with seeing so many creative and breathtaking sights upon sites. The best part, like the ability to rename my blog, is that it's a fluid, dynamic process- a moving image, one where as vulnerable as I feel, I'm looking through my own viewfinder.

To be continued...

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