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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Footprints, Imprints and Lifeprints

While I was on vacation, I was struck by the way my footprints looked while walking along the beach. On soft wet sand, my feet sunk into the ground, leaving non descript indentations of the pressure to my feet. In contrast, my footprints on the hard wet sand left an imprint that was strong and clear. I was wondering if these footprints parallel one's life - to go through an easy non challenging life brings no lasting footprint. But when one moves through a life of challenges, perhaps we leave
a greater footprint of our lives. So now, I'm thinking about what footprint I want to leave- what part of me or reflections of my life do I want to live on.

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thealteredpage said...

Ahhh...footprints. Such an interesting metaphor and definitely food for thought. And can I say those pictures are so beautiful!