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Thursday, March 20, 2008

In Celebration of Spring, I Played in my Local Market Today!

Today is a great day to celebrate the first day of spring. It's the time of year when plants begin to reveal their tiny buds growing out of winter's bare branches, bulb shoots breaking through the winter's hard ground, and I can't forget seeing my first sighting of the forsythias while passing by The Conservatory in Central Park. So now, with camera in hand, not only do I visit my local grocer to shop, I'm compelled to take pictures of all the sites around me. I'm seeing things in a whole new light, now through the eyes of the camera lens. Here's a look at what was on display today. Plus, couldn't resist ending my romp with shooting a bunch of beautiful flowers, and then, had fun dressing them up for their spring fling! Cheers!

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thealteredpage said...

Spring has sprung! A time of renewal and rebirth. These photos really capture the bounty of the season.