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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A One Woman's Reflective Retrospective!

This is a very interesting time for me-experimenting and exploring the use of color and free form designs. I've recently found a few pieces of artwork I did in high school and college. As evidenced by my current expressions, this is a whole new world for me. Unpredictable, unplanned and with a freedom in creating like I have never done before. People say you sometimes need to take a step backwards to go forward. For me, this is true- having just returned from a retrospective journey of my own "art map". I've discovered that the old roads and highways are no longer there, way out of date- now, a mere souvenir. My old drawings have been discarded, the picture of the woman is now covered with layers of white paint - to what is now a blank canvas, a clear open slate. And, with excitement and a big leap of faith, I'm off to new travels-to an as yet, undetermined, new art place!

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thealteredpage said...

Enjoy the journey down this new path!