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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another day, another face.

Been working on this face for a little while. It's my latest project, and while fun, it seems to be the most challenging. I'm painting from a photo, and each time I paint, depending on the time of day, light, position of the canvas and whether it's day or night, the painting looks completely different in the morning. So, I still consider this the beginning process. Not sure if I will end up with a more abstract portrait or move more toward a degree of likeness to the image. But so far, I'm still figuring out complexion colors, contours, shading, and proportion. Another day, another face. More faces to come.

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seth said...

Portraiture --this is a completely different side of your talent. It is quite interesting to see the stages of this painting - each looking like a completed artwork but all so different.