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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Janet Stayton Paintings and My Rainy Day Photos

Visited The Old Print Shop, noted for fine prints, antique maps and art books a few days ago.(150 Lexington Avenue @ 30th Street). Inside, a gallery exhibit booklet of Janet Stayton paintings from the Paticia Heesy Gallery (50 w 57 Street NY NY) caught my eye. Was drawn to the bold colors, patterns and designs within the paintings highlighted in the booklet. Here are a few of the images from the book which I scanned. Peering out the window of the bus on my way to work yesterday, a street scene quickly caught my eye. Grabbed my camera from inside my bag and I started clicking away. Here are a few of the rain photos- some cropped and color enhanced. When I started to actually look through the Stayton booklet last night, I was struck by the similarities in patterns and colors of her paintings with a few of my raindrop photos.

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seth said...

Great eye to connect these two seemingly different art media. Both the mood and of course the drops really do mirror each other.