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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Magic in the Winter Solstice!

Winter- the start of a new season. White and cold and windy and brisk. But also settling and peaceful and a time to reflect. We have the freedom to think about what's important and how we want to spend our time. The earth is so large, and our time is so short. We must choose to blend our dreams within our days and within our nights. For we are all blessed with large open hearts to receive all the sparkling synchronicity and magic that surrounds us.


seth said...

There is definitely magic in these photos!

sdissing said...

I was looking through your early pieces and saw this start on your story telling - and its promise of more to come. I was taken by your reflections on blending dreams, and on the synchronicity and magic that surrounds us. Thought about this poem by William Blake that nicely blends within the atmosphere and your thoughts on that night. Too late for a comments I guess, but here it is:

This cabinet is form'd of gold
And pearl and crystal shining bright,
And within it opens into a world
And a little lovely moony night.

Jill said...

Never too late to post a comment! And- thank you Steen for your sentiments and lovely poem!