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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

David Castle's Call for Studio Views

Artist David Castle was disappointed that he wasn't able to go to the beautiful Oregon Coast this year, a place that has provided him with much inspiration. So, he decided on the next best thing-(which may have now turned out to be the even better thing) with requesting that artists send in pictures of their studio views. You can see his posting here. Not sure he knew what he was in for, but from across the country, pictures of beautiful studio views came in. If you're ready for a treat, look through his blog to see what some people look at every day for their inspiration, motivation and creative thinking. I'm excited to say that my view was posted on David's blog which you can see here. In addition to the picture David posted, thought I'd share a few more of my room with a view. I am so blessed to be able to see the Hudson River, George Washington Bridge, New York City Skyline, Inward Park, the NYC Circle Line boat pass by, all sorts of passenger boats, jet skis in the summer time, trains, planes and of course people.


Anonymous said...

What a stunning view!

rivergardenstudio said...

Hi Jill! Your views are gorgeous, and ever-changing. Thank you for your writing, and your comments to me. I am particularly moved by what you wrote about the dragonfly, which i am so drawn too. Have a beautiful weekend! roxanne

Supria Karmakar said...

Your views are gorgeous..love the one with the rainbow...Supria