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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Works in Progess: The Natural Elements + A Bundle of Book Pages Tied Together Left Out in The Cold = ???

Seth Apter from The Altered Page has introduced a fascinating project that he is sharing with all those interested. The Project is called Disintegration and as Seth indicates, he's inspired by the natural evolution of time. He said that Winter was the right time to begin, with the collaborator being nature. Per the project's design, I've taken pages from a book on Wildlife in nature and have wrapped them up using a metal braided belt, have tied a leather butterfly and material leaf to the tie and have added the book binding label to weather through the winter. It will be kept outside and looked at again in the spring. We shall see what impact the elements have had. This image is the "before" shot. The "after" shot will be posted in the spring. An exciting part will be for everyone who is also participating in this project (at least 12 at last count) to see what impact nature's weathering has had on our bundles. Then the best and most intriguing component of the project will be to see what we all create with our new "works" - our winterized bundles - all with different degrees and levels of disintegration. Stay tuned.


Seth said...

So glad you are joining us Jill. You bundle has so many wonderful components. It will be really interesting to see how each piece "weathers" nature!

Pattio said...

Hi Jill,

Such a neat concept. I am going to take pictures of mine daily at least at first. I am wondering if it will even make it to May. Yours is so apropriate and funky.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Thank you for your visit to my Magpie's Nest :)
Your bundle looks grand. Such an amazing concept Seth has come up with, isn't it! Can't wait til 1 May

rachel whetzel said...

I love your bundle!! AND so tickled to see how much this project has grown!! Much larger than 12 now!!