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Friday, April 17, 2009

A Key to Uncovering the City's Grand Cover-ups!

Anyone walking the streets of New York City would be scorned upon if they didn't look up at the amazing heights of the buildings, signs, lights and shadows.
But to look down is to see a key to some of our other amazing city treasures.
Take a look and feast your eyes on our special street art right under our feet. We just need to look down instead of up! Here 's a beautiful Manhattan sign that no one would ever notice!
Look at the extraordinary New York Utlitiy Covers!
New York Con Edison Cover - MADE IN INDIA! Look closely.
See the extradinary detail!
Water Supply covers:
Drainage Covers:
Even Traffic has gotten into the act!
And some, I just have no idea what they are for. Advertising ????
Sometimes, instead of covers, there's actually just writing on the street. But, this one I know: My favorite # 13! So the next time you step out in New York City, "watch your step" can have a whole new meaning! There can be art, excitement, energies, discoveries and creative new ways to see the world each and every day!


sdissing said...

Great story and getting better. I guess we can all read it differently but I like your great affection for your city. Yes, we can take the symbols use them and with those look into art and science. I spend my time looking for treasures by lifting covers just to find another one underneath even more interesting - like your fascinating images. Nice key, wish I had it. Steen.

Debrina said...

I think...out of the kindness of your heart...you should just give me all your photos.

Love Debbie

Seth said...

Goes to show that there is art everywhere and in everything. It just takes a keen eye to sometimes spot it! Great series here.

Anonymous said...

I love your photographs of these utility covers. Each design is so unique, have you thought of making a book of these photographs? have a lovely week! Roxanne

Terry Rafferty said...

this is a Fabulous series of photos - each one with its own story and together creating such a unique view of the city. Such richness!
I just noticed in your sidebar that you loved The French Lieutenant's Woman - me too! I cut class in high school so much that my teacher made a deal with me: no class in exchange for reading books he chose. French Lieutenant's Woman was the first, and it changed my life!

sf said...

Love the 13 - my birthday - May 13!! So fun...

nancy neva gagliano said...

thanks, jill.....for the nyc sites!! my eyes loved the journey sweeping down those gorgeous spears thrust into the sky and onto the great pieces at your feet. brava 2 u for the camera work!