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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Tones to Touch your Heart!

I am so lucky to be able to have worked in Roxanne Evans-Stout's altered book. It's been such an amazing experience. Just love her book and the pages she has created on Earth Tones which you can see here. As I thought about how I wanted to express this them, the musical aspect of our earth came to mind - with the inner sounds of its silence, melodies and rhythms in nature.

Following Roxanne's lead, I was taken by the mystical aspects of the dragonfly.

The earth has its own songs to play for us and with us.
Some people wake up to the sounds of birds singing and chirping. Mother earth is magical, sending us messages from within its core.

Our earth - a magical sphere of sound and sensations. It's a playground to explore, be in awe of, create in, appreciate, and adore. Earth tones- if you let them, they can touch your heart and soul so you can hear your own inner core's spectacular songs. The best part is that we are all our own musicians.

We have the power to write our own music, in our own key, at our own pace, in our own time, and in our own unique and breath taking tunes!


Anonymous said...

Oh Jill, I am overwhelmed with what you have created in this book, I am still looking at your photographs again and again. You have captured what was in my heart when I chose this theme, that our existences are part of the tones of the earth. The birds, the dragonfly, your writing and colors call to me from the other side of our continent. Each time I look at your post I see more beautiful treasures... layered paint, collaged papers and stitching. Thank you for giving this project your heart, Roxanne

Seth said...

Such beautiful pages and a magical way to interpret the theme! There are so many layers and details and colors and objects and words to be discovered here. And I am one of the lucky ones who get to see these pages in person!!

Supria Karmakar said...

I love the diversity in the images..the womyn are divine, the dragonfly is so yummy and you really have a great gift ..thanks for sharing it with the round robin project...I love the theme of music and mother nature...I can't wait to see the book in my own hands soon.

sdissing said...

We are all our own musicians – it is beautifully said. I also believe that we can all hear the music when we need and want to. The pictures are so warm and enchanting. Steen.