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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Layers, Colors, Patterns and More-All the Things That I Adore!

Layer upon layer- that's how are lives are built. One layer and then another.
Creating structure and content- filled with people, our life experiences , memories, skills we've learned, and the goals we've achieved. Creating textures, creating depth- layers to build on and layers to take apart. Sometimes we want to shed our layers - one at at time, to start all over. Our layers can weigh us down.
Layers can make us strong. We may feel like we're stuck in stone and can't get out- even if our layers have a beauty all their own.
At times, we may love to just close our eyes, make a wish, and have them all magically disappear.
Sometimes a group of them slide off like a child shooting down a sliding pond creating such a light feeling. Sometimes they come and go- like a see saw- up and down, leaving us confused and in a state of flux -coming and going at different times and at different speeds.
But if you look at them as a whole, despite what may look like a chaotic appearance, they can be a beautiful masterpiece, colorful additions to our lives- like an intricately woven tapestry to take us further in our lives.
Taking one layer at a time, One day at a time One moment at a time. We are all a mosaic of layers. And, if you look closely, there are even shadows in our layers.
Sometimes, the layers of our lives seem endless -
But if you take a closer look and really study them, you can be surprised to find out that each one is wonderful unto itself- like a four leaf clover!
Or a beautiful flower, layered-
Or one of my favorites- the layers of color within a beautiful rainbow. Just when it seems darkest, the sun comes out!
And shines blasts of rays- making layers of colors- brilliant in all their glory. And if you look closely, sometimes you can even see layers of rainbows!! The layers of our lives- so masterfully built on trust, understanding, friendships, and strengths. Within our core, they are all the gifts we give ourselves, receive from others and what and how we see and interpret what's in our lives. I try to always see the double rainbows in my days - regardless of how faint they may seem or be! Embrace the layers in your life- and those that hold you or keep you down-exchange. Those that enable each day to be enjoyed and treasured, savor and for those that may seem transparent and you really don't know they exist, be appreciative.
Find a rainbow in your life today- no matter how fleeting it may be. There is always color to be found - poetry to hear and so much to be touched by, connect with, and discover!


Seth said...

What a wonderous post! I have such a love of layers, which are so symbolic in my mind. And you have captured that beautifully in words and pictures. Ah...the tapestry of life!

Debrina said...

Did you happen to see the winner of this year's Project Runway - Leanne? Your first two photos remind me of her work: http://nymag.com/fashion/fashionshows/2009/spring/main/newyork/womenrunway/projectrunwayleanne/

sdissing said...

Opened the story on a busy, sunny morning at a place where you only look forward and I got stopped in my tracks. Lovely start with serious thoughts about what to do with all our layers when we live our lives and reflections on all the corrections we need to do. You certainly master the symbolism. When I saw the little figure with its chains I stopped. Alarming if one has been near its state and certainly because you can make its condition almost harmless. That makes it scary to me and that’s magical. Beautiful images and thanks for the poetic and positive ending. You may make more of this. Steen

rivergardenstudio said...

Jill, this post gives me so much to think of and hope for... right now I feel that I have too many layers and I wish I could shed a few.
But today is my day to me at home... to rest and make art, to be outside in the glowing world of spring...
Your photographs are amazing, I love the way your thoughts echo the message of each ... I too was startled by the figure in the chains and felt the joy of the rainbows... Roxanne