Jill Zaheer's JAZWORKS: A Tapestry of Mixed Media, Painting, Collaborations, Photography, and Poetry

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Expressions of Helen Keller

A short while back, I posted my work in Supria Karmakar's On Paper Wings Altered Art book from our Innerworks collaboration. Thought I'd post some of my work here as well. It's almost impossible to really convey the amazing person that Helen Keller was, blind and deaf at the age of 19 months. With support from many people including her teacher Anne Sullivan, she learned braille in many languages, was an advocate for women's rights and a world champion for the blind and deaf. Helen Keller is such a "larger than life personality", that in New York City, there was a billboard showcasing her steadfast optimism with the words, " Helen Keller could only see possibilities". We should all be as fortunate as Helen was - to see light in total darkness, hear sounds in deafening silence, and receive the greatest gift of all- being deeply loved and respected in return.


Seth said...

Truly amazing pages honoring a truly amazing person. Hmmm...tough act to follow!

sdissing said...

I am also touched by the story of the child that leaves her anger behind after finding the key to her spiritual and emotional life, which results in such accomplishments. Your compositions are enchanting again and your butterfly, that I see everywhere, links almost all of it together. Freedom, beauty, sound and silence, colors light and dark and therein even hints to your beloved rainbow! Only her language and emotions were missing but I found them in your wonderful Braille image – a ceative composition. Steen