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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rain's Pitter Patter Goes Wild over Sidewalk Chatter!

It's been raining in NYC almost every day for the past few weeks. While most people might say that it looks so gray and sad outside, I see so much life and energy in the rain. The best part is when there's a light mist in the air, I just love the feel of the spray of water all over - it's nature's own unique way of sending out a hug.
Rain, rain, rain- sometimes, pitter, sometimes patter, and sometimes, like in the photo- it's the roaring sound as if thousands of feet were marching in sync with each other. And when you wake, there's a beautiful, ephemeral feel- almost as if you are in a Wuthering Heights novel, immersed in morning fog within the moors.
Then as the fog starts to burn off and the morning starts to wake, the city starts to stir. A new day opens before us, to think, to begin, to contemplate.
We find another day of rain. But not just any rain, it's a rain which creates beautiful patterns and works of art right in front of us, if we just look.
And as I look down at the ground, new beauty and more treasures in the streets are found!
And when you think you've seen everything you can for one day, for a moment the sun appears- shining down to create shadows everywhere.
And for a moment, the flowers are seen shining, dripping with beautiful raindrops, ready for the evening sky to close out for the night and get ready for it's new dawn.
And then the sun begins to set,
ready to turn in, when again, the sky darkens, and the rain begins.....Soft pitter patter is heard, and I'm ready to go out and explore another day's finds amid the wet new york streets and the down pouring sky above. There's always some light somewhere to be found- if we only open our eyes and really look at what we see. There is beauty everywhere.


Seth said...

How wonderful that you seem to be able to find wonder and see beauty in all forms of nature. So much for "rain, rain go away." Now it's "rain, rain come today!"

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jill, your writing and photographs make me feel as if I was on a walk in the rain. I love your words about the sounds... "as if thousands of people were marching in sync" And your beautiful images draw me back again and again, yes, like Wuthering Heights... Roxanne