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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bubbling Over!

I'm bubbling over with excitement!
Seth Apter, from The Altered Page,  posted a beautiful video, titled Labuet- Paint a Song - about, as he says, "Bursts of colors. Bursts of birds. Bursts of words. And bursts of so much more."  You can see the video  here.  It's a "must super see!" In front of my house,  I saw a  streaming line of water from the non stop rain we've  been having.  The first thing I thought of was the  captivating streaming ink line from the video.
The rushing movement caught my eye as well as the intricate geometric patterns and sparkling reflections of light.
Delicately submerged just beneath the surface,
I glimpsed some leaves-  a gorgeous site!
In a previous post, Seth  showed us his vibrant art filled  Inspiration Boards that you can see here.  I thought about having a board of my own  as I  looked at the boards of the talented artists which Seth included in his post.  It was great to see all of the boards and inspiration shelves, walls,  and spaces  shown, but I didn't feel  the emotion of being "inspired".   I concluded that  it was because the boards were sights that touched the hearts of the artists - and "spoke to them".   I was left with the question, could I have an inspiration board or wall to inspire me too?  The answer was -not exactly... but- I was inspired to photograph  some of my pictures and nick knacks that I  love.  But the inspiration came from Seth's words.
 I realized that  my inspiration  comes from two places: people  -  through their thoughts, words, acts and energy, and from nature. There is nothing comparable to the sunrise, sunset,  our trees,  the sky,  our  land and all that grows on it, the air we breathe,  rainbows and now, one of my favorites  - walking in misty air -feeling the tiny raindrops of water touch my skin- surrounding me with a halo of softness that is just unmatchable!
Inspiration is such a personal emotion.  No matter where or from whom  it comes to you  - nourish and  appreciate  the amazing strength and power it has on our creativity,  artistic expression and  within  and throughout our daily lives.
Enjoy every moment!


rivergardenstudio said...

I am so glad I stopped by this morning... your photographs are completely stunning with all their tones of gray and touches of turquoise and purple. I love the shelves that you share... filled with art and memories from different cultures and times... from your words and images, I think I understand the way you see the world and agree with your about nature... she is my truest inspiration as well. With all the rain we have had the last three weeks I am here surrounded by a cloak of green... I think this week I have to get out and see some sky... have a fantastic day, Roxanne

Anonymous said...

Wow Jill...what beautiful photographs! LOVE how you captured the iridescence in those bubbles...sweet!!!

Seth said...

I think that inspiration is so individual, although there are many things in the world that inspire many. Couldn't agree with you more about the inspiration that nature provides. And that is clear from your beautiful images in this post. The stream of water series is just mesmerizing!

Debrina said...

Jill - your photos are just incredible; they are such a source of inspiration for me. You know how to capture the beauty and magic of nature at just the right moment. I wonder how many people just blithely walk through life without noticing the beauty and magic that natures brings to the world. If they only took a moment, as you have done here, to just pause and LOOK, many a heart would glow.

Have you exhibited your photographs anywhere?

Marilyn Rock said...

Jill; I'm so happy I stopped by for a visit. Love your Blog and it's very inspirational; I really enjoyed reading where your inspiration comes from. I also love your Helen Keller works! I just saw a quote, from her, in my dentist's office, of all places, and it referred to sunflowers. Something like - sunflowers cannot see but they always turn to the warmth of the sun! I thought that was awesome! I'd like to link your Blog, on mine, if it's okay. Have a great day!

Marilyn Rock said...

Jill; you have surely turned the rains, that most see as a negative, into a beautiful positive and sensual feel with your photos! Wonderful! I really enjoyed viewing them.