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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Maine Event - In Pictures

I spent a few days in Maine - and experienced such natural beauty all around me.
The flowers were shining without a care in the world, showing off their brilliant petals, colors and vibrancy for all to see - and looking on was a dancing bumble bee.
With gentle fluttering butterflies for all to see.
And colors so inviting that they looked as if they were just mixed on an artist's palette.
With fruits of the earth equally vibrant in their color and form.
Maine was also a haven for antiquing - and how I loved looking at all the beautiful reminders of yesterdays. Old objects leave a special glimmer for all who can appreciate them - with memories still afloat in remnants of vestiges from long ago.
There were so many old artists' posters and prints to make your heart pound-
And where ever you looked, there were so many faces of all kinds - clowning around.
And is it possible that even statues can have their own secrets to laugh about?
There were classic styles of a bygone era-
And heads of time past-
With an old Fanny Brice Doll cheering us on, telling jokes
Knowing who will laugh last!
And faces from long ago- from other lands.
And, of course we had to see the sights of what Maine is noted for -
Its gleaming sea - just picture perfect
Filled with playful rowboats of all colors and sizes!
And coastline waters seem to jump right out to meet and greet passer's by-
Letting them know who's boss by its lion roar and sound of thunder
As its waves crashing against the shore's rough and rocked jagged edges.
And shells filled with stories from a time not known to us are sold: imparting their royal looks to the lucky buyer with a heart of gold.
And everywhere, there are fisherman's traps for catching lobsters
The royalty of the water's purse.
And to accompany them are the colorful buoys- to lift your spirits and make you smile.
And when the hustle and bustle of the day is enveloped into the quiet time of early evening... When the sun starts to gently fade away
With thoughts of reflection on our day's happenings,
Our tomorrows comings will slowly unfold.
The time comes for all to sleep
With the freedom to explore unlimited possibilities
And dream - larger than life
And all of our energies bonded together with grace and style
To spontaneously break out into a gentle soulful smile.
And then, when the sweet morning gently peeks its head out,
We wake to the start of a new day of opportunity
To explore the world before us,
To create and think
As far as our imagination can travel
And as wide as our mind can soar.


sdissing said...

Such a wonderful tour you take us on through nature, people’s creations, and time. You really have a gift for finding dolls that you also showed us in the previous post. You find their expressive faces and make them live and talk to us. And your statues with all kinds of thoughts – and serious looks. By the way, I don`t know if I like his laugh. Thanks for all your valuable and inspirational thoughts and observations. I appreciate that you are landing the story with this gentle, soulful smile! Steen.

Marilyn Rock said...

Thank you for sharing so much here with us. Isn't it amazing as artists we can go places and see the world and what it offers in a wonderfully artistic way! You've really captured art through your eyes and creative spirit! WOW!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Thank you for such a wonderful tour...picking up on Maine in the "real" way not just tourist shots. I love those rowboats!

Seth said...

What a wonderful adventure you had and shared here! As Marilyn said...you definitely see the world through an art-filled eye. Wonderful shots of all those expressive faces, filled with light and life. The Maine event indeed!

Careers said...

These images you posted are beautiful. you can certainly define art just by looking at it and taking picture of it.

Studio Sylvia said...

How vibrant and buoyant! wonderful imagery. I enjoyed my little holiday through your words. Thank you.

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh, what a wonderful visit you share... I love it all, from the "dancing bumble bee to the rowboats to the sleeping waters. I especially drawn to the row of shells, "filled with stories from a time not known to us..."
I hope you have a lovely week... roxanne

Anonymous said...

I love your views of Maine, Jill! I especially love your photos of the blueberries and of the coast... After Oregon, Maine is the place I most often daydream about. I have some great photos of an autumn trip there many years ago that I keep in my studio to ponder. I think I may take a few of yours in this week to keep me company at my studio table!

Supria Karmakar said...

Always love the photos you post..and your poetic words...thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

If you check my blog tomorrow afternoon(August 26) I have a little something for you.

Rita vindedzis said...

Your photos are lovely, I feel as if I've just been there.