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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The "Beautiful Heart Award" to Seth Apter at The Altered Page

In celebration of Seth Apter from The Altered Page's second year blog anniversary which took place on August 10th, 2009, I thought it would be fitting to present him with the Beautiful Heart Award. The award is given to those bloggers who uplift you with their positive words and spirit. It is also for those bloggers who put their hearts, mind and soul into their blogs and give us a glimpse into their worlds. They are positive and lead by example. They inspire with their words, educate and inform. They are welcoming, helpful and friendly and no one is a stranger, whether you've commented once or a million times. They are ever so wise and giving. Most of all, they have a Beautiful Heart.

Seth is such a generous soul who has brought so many people together through his inspiring and creative collaborations and by providing such thoughtful comments to so many artists. He continues to provide unending venues for people to release so much of themselves within their works of art and he never ceases to provide attention to other artists and their blogs.

For all these things, and of course, for his loyal support and encouragement to me - this Beautiful Heart Award, from My Two Blessings, is for you Seth. Different from other reward recipients, you need not give it to others, but of course you may, and you need not say anything else about yourself, but you certainly may as well. This is a celebratory gift award- from me to you with nothing asked in return! You've already given a million times over- and so with tremendous gratitude and appreciation, I say thank you- for myself, and I'm sure, for the thousands of other people who come to look at your blog to be enlightened, explore, reflect, be "wowed" and want to be a part of your adventurous journey!


Seth said...

I am overwhlemed and honored by this gift from you to me. It is so thoughtful of you to pass this award to me and it means a great, great deal. It will be forever appreciated. Thank you!

rivergardenstudio said...

What a wonderful award to give to such a creative and giving person! Roxanne

Debrina said...

Hi Jill, I've also just honoured Seth with a little something: pop on over to my blog too and enjoy the celebration.

He really does deserve these accolades he's getting. He's done an incredible amount of work in the art/blogging arena.