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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Black and White: "Lost and Found" in Altered Bits- All the Time!

The amazing and talented Alicia, from Altered Bits has created a new eZine with the theme of Black and White. I was lucky enough to submit and have accepted my first work in this edition which you can see here. You can also see a preview copy of this super eZine in yudu.com here.
This is the cover of the Altered Bits Zine.
The request for submissions was for a black and white work, which could include all shades of gray in between, and could be an artwork in any type of artistic medium. I chose to create a mixed media piece, with the central theme involving time, synchronicity and butterflies to represent a free flowing energy that encircles me. With clock in my work is fixed at 11:11. My mom died on November 11, 2004, and ever since then, I see 11:11 all the time.
Within this work, which I've titled "Lost and Found", I've included a mah-jong chip and dice that were my mom's.
A central focus of my artwork includes the line "The Only Thing Black and White in Life are the Colors Black and White".
This represents my philosophy of living - with flexibilty, ability to change, freedom for self direction and to move from one idea to another, aways open to life's infinite possibilites.
Here is my finished work.
It measures 19" by 13" and is constructed of heavy watercolor paper matted on cardboard backing, acrylic paints, a piece of a folding antique ruler, sections of musical notes, clock hands, and a mirror box identifying the reflections we "see" in life - all open to interpretation. A tiny replica of a poetry journal was made from the metal component of an old floppy disk.
There's so much poetry in me
Just working to unlock my energy.
I feel the hold of a magical magnetic electricity
Living, breathing, touching, seeing
It's synchronicity
It's true alchemy.
Live like you mean it-
Believe that you have wings that will take you where ever you choose to go!


Seth said...

The magic of the artwork is matched by the wonder of all the words including in this piece. So much meaning to be found in all the component parts. Love the close up shots where you can really see the depth of this piece. And love your philosophy!

Steen said...

Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing piece of art and congratulations with having it accepted. It’s a wonderful composition in black and white but with such a temperature. Different from what you have done before and clearly in your own style. I previously declared you a master of symbolism and that certainly holds true. You have again shown us your intuition for seeing things that govern our life and here are now the vibrant energies that surround us and are in us. Here is so much to look at. Like in previous pieces if I stay I sink. I sink into the composition which is full of inspiration, freedom but also sadness. With the notes there must be music behind the composition and it must in the minor key – behind your clock. But your optimism always shines through as I read your last two important sentences. Steen.

Anonymous said...

I love this piece and this post! It was such an honor to include it in the zine. I am so very thankful that you submitted it. There are so many things to look at -- so many wonderful little sub-stories within the bigger story of your piece.

Thank you again for your amazing submission and all of your kindness and generosity. I am so very glad that we've met! (I've been working today on something to send you soon.) :)


Studio Sylvia said...

So many components to ponder, so many facets to delve into. A wonderful accomplishment and congratulations on its publication.

Marilyn Rock said...

I've always loved black and white - classy! Your piece is no exception and kudos, to you, for getting it published in the ezine! Awesome! I'm back with my own computer, now, and it's so good to be back online in full so I can begin blogging for real again :) Have a great weekend! Marilyn

Evangeline said...

This is absolutely wonderful!