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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Friendship Time- Seek and You Shall Find!

I've just completed working in Veronica Funk's InnerWorks book on Friendship. In her post, she asks us to think about what makes up friendship? What maintains and sustains it over time? What keeps it alive, fresh, and growing?
What is it that makes some friendships weaken while others flourish? Does it depend on the kind of friendship it is- as subjectively defined by oneself? There are so many kinds of friends- including casual friends, best friends, work friends, school friends, close friends, distant friends, old friends, new friends, bus friends, train friends, street friends, friends in the making, girlfriends, boy friends, men friends, women friends, dog as man's best friend, animal friends, blogland friends, imaginary friends, ex friends and friends to the end.
Through our special altered book collaboration, InnerWorks, we've developed our own special kind of friendship. It involves the trust and understanding that we have with one another. Veronica has so generously gifted all of us with a MeeMee award which you can see here.
In honor of the very special relationship that we have with one another in our InnerWorks Collaborative, I've created replicas of our altered works- all winners in my book!!
With words - very special friendships are created.
Friendships, soulful, life saving, life creating - are the golden threads which maintain peace in our hearts, confidence in our thoughts, and so much joy in our lives.
Make it a point to tell your friends how important they are to you
and what a difference they make in being part of your life.


Marilyn Rock said...

What a wonderful and heartfelt post. Fantastic tribute to friendship through incredible art and words! Marilyn

Steen said...

Warm and radiant colors as in the energies that makes up one of the important sources for our soul – our fiendships. And your butterflies again for the freedom that is the source for our trust and confidence. So warm! Steen

rivergardenstudio said...

Jill, these pages are spectacular... so warm and intricate like jewels of the soul... I love all your touches, the butterflies and the lacy metal pieces. I can see how you put your heart into these pages and your joy in creating... Roxanne

Seth said...

Having this book in my hands right now, I know that as beautiful as these pages look here... they are even more spectacular in person. They glow! And your heartfilled feelings about friendship are captured on every page!!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderfully sweet dedication to friendship and utterly gorgeous pages! i love what you've done here! fabulous post, sweet lady!

p.s. i have a package ready to ship out to you tomorrow of just a couple of tiny goodies that hopefully you can use. :) you should receive it on saturday.

Lawendula said...

Wonderful journal!
I know Veronica through my One tribe- one (he)art project.
It's a global village, that is! :)
Looking forward to see you at "Paper Swap"!
Thanks for being in!