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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Connections/ Orchestrations and a Birthday Celebration!

Everything is connected- our souls, our spirits and our energies all flow and intermingle with the outside world.
Through time, through thought, through our openness to create - we are all a weave of the universe.
Art and the broader "arts" allows us to communicate the intersection of all of these together- and with that, we find our "harmony".
It's a peaceful excitement -
total focus and immersion of your senses that consume you when you are engaged in the arts.
Explore, take risks, dream big, overlap, maybe even don your senses to overhaul yourself.
Start fresh. Begin - one step at a time. One action, one movement, seeing the perfect light, a sight for a photo, a brush stroke, a pasting of the right medium, the blending of designs, papers, inks, movement, color,
flowing texture, dancing images to create words -
I always feel it.
It's our inner rainbow reflected on the outside world.
It's our passion, our driving force to drape the world with a colorful cloth, form fitted, loose, bulky, boxy, flashy, moving, loud, noisy, singing, symphonic, orchestrated to play our own song to our own beat to our own specs to our our own rhythm in our own time.
Today's my birthday- and I'm celebrating my art within.


Seth said...

A big happy birthday to you Jill!!! And I can see from this post that you are celebrating with art. Great thoughts and photos here. "Drape the world with a colorful cloth" -- how perfect!

Lawendula said...

Happy birthday, Jill and many happy and artful returns!
Have you made contact to Lay Hoon yet? If there are any questions please let me know! Enjoy your swap! BB

Marilyn Rock said...

Happy Birthday to you Jill! Great post and a wonderful way to celebrate your birth. Have a joyous and artful day and weekend. Best - Marilyn

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Jill, I hope your birthday was filled with beauty and swirling color... and that this weedend is an expansion of it...your words are so true, we are all connected in so many ways through our art... Roxanne

Steen said...

Beautiful lights with colors from fluorescence, interference and diffractions that all reveal how everything is interacting – like our arts - how different they even might appear. But they do. Great appreciations to you for your special day and your gifts to us. Steen.

Debrina said...

Jill - I feel terrible! For months and months now I thought you had bowed out of blog-o-sphere, because my "Blogs I Love" panel did not show any latest postings from you. Yet here you are happily blogging away and my not even realising it. It finally dawned on me when you emailed me about the art exchange (and I realised that you were still alive and well..._ that maybe it was blog updater that was faulty.
Oh dear....
Well, welcome back, even though you never left.
Time to catch up on all these posts of yours...

La Dolce Vita said...

beautiful post!

Evangeline said...

Happy belated birthday! What a beautiful post!