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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Unparalleled Beauty

I recently had the opportunity to view the most breathtaking pictures of natural beauty- sometimes there are no applicable words to describe the sights we see, only thoughts and feelings and the emotions that they evoke.
These crystalline shining shapes are actually balls of hail which can be seen in the picture. They are the size of large marbles - almost incomprehensible as they were pouring down.
And as forceful as they pushed their way down, the sun appears, brilliantly glowing- and then setting in pure peace, without a memory of their presence to be found.
See the sights in front of you. But be reflective, because sometimes we travel at such a fast pace that so much of what we see is actually a blur.
Take the time to look- and taken in all that is really in front of you- for what's ahead may actually be found above.
Sometimes, our days may seem like we're just traveling in circles.
And other times, we feel like pinching ourselves because life just seems to be perfect -and it feels too good to be real.
Be available to try new things, explore, let your heart soar.
Sometimes, we need to just be. Feel the restful wholeness of peace by not moving, take a second to stay in one place, be in the moment, be alive in stillness.
Discover- be surprised, feel the awe!
See the natural beauty all around- it can't get any better than this. Perfectly shaped grapes in harmony with each other, with shades of blue, a texture of velvet, and a taste of the sublime.
Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.
Let the light in- share your soul.
Let your spirit soar.
Where ever you look, there are hearts just waiting to be discovered.
Share yours today.


Marilyn Rock said...

Nature's canvas; no one can ever duplicate! Beautiful pictures Jill! -Marilyn

Seth said...

Nature can be so breathtaking and you have captured its beuty here so well -- and both your images and your words. I just want to step into some of these pictures and be there now! And that hail is amazing!

Steen said...

A wonderful journey through your poetic landscape. I like your small people that got so surprised when you took their picture! Steen

Jill Berry said...

a great combo!
Thanks for sharing yours!
(you have a ~cool~ name)

rivergardenstudio said...

Thank you for sharing this beauty with us... the hail is amazing... and the way you photographed it flying down... and I love your words here too, Jill and those globes hanging in the window catching the light... just as you do... Roxanne