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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Art Exchange: How Amazing Just One Email Can Be - Just Look and See!

I'm still in awe from the email I received last month from Seth Apter of The Altered Page, indicating that if I would send an artwork to one artist and send the invitation to 6 others, I would be gifted many times over. Just making my artwork for Diane Cook of Rosa and Josie's was so rewarding by itself - as I've never made an artwork specifically for someone before. It's really unimaginable that to date, my mailbox and soul have been graced by 10 amazing works of art through the exchange. Here are pictures of the beautiful gifts- with each new one as astonishing as the next. In the process, I've been so blessed to meet new artists, discover their special talents, see their golden hearts and hands, and have made very special friendships along the way!
Here's the beautiful mixed media collage of a rooster by Rhea Warholik from Rhea Sunshine Art Studio.

Here's a close up of a wonderful hidden detail.

Here's a beautiful tin box from the amazing Jo Archer of The Crow Road. It is so genuinely delicate, as if aged from a century or two's worth of rich patina. The woman's face, with the words "Sea Dreaming", reveals her hidden story of the journey she longs to take. The map of long ago marks her potential journey.

Lisa Sarsfield sent this beautiful mixed media artwork filled with a gentle nest of eggs on a layered background with intricate stitched detail work and texture within the bordered decorations. Lisa is also an exquisite photographer which you can see from her incredible lush work here.

The gifted Sarah Wallis from Circles of Rain sent this creative and fun "Bird Face" soft sculpture with two different sides of decoration, one containing the most awesome face!
She also sent this sweet multi - colored circled felt key chain.
Here is the stunning mixed media woven artwork made by Debra Tennison of n2the blue. It's a wondrous weave of patterned material, with colors rich in radiance to match the fall foliage. It's centered by a beautiful leaf- prominent in statue- providing additional texture to this gorgeous artwork!

Here's a beautiful mixed media from Rita Vindedzis, also in my Innerworks Altered Book Collaboration. Rita's website can be viewed here and her super web gallery can be seen here.

Patti Edmon of Altered Attic, a mixed media artist, writer and photographer, made this beautiful mini journal calendar- all ready for me to write special thoughts on the pages each month!

Gaby Bee from Colorful Adventures created a beautiful ATC card titled "Simply Perfect" comprised of stamps, numbers, a butterfly, flowers and the striking photo of a man and a boy.

It was packaged in stuffed envelope overflowing with super gifts of colored papers, stamps, old photographs, postcards, a tiny handmade envelope filled with a lady bug and matching stamp, feathers, wings, a butterfly and other ephemera you can see below!
The awe inspiring handmade glass works of Jacky Berting from Bertingglass arrived safe and sound. If you want your mouth to drop open, go here and if you would like to see drop dead gorgeous installations by her which are larger than life, you must look here!! I've never seen glass works like this before and I can't imagine that you have either.
Kim Palmer from Merlin's Musings sent this beautiful mixed media layered art work titled "Beauty's Muse" filled with layer upon layer of majestic materials, encircling this beautiful picture in the center. Decorated with bows, wrappings and ribbons in addition to layers of fabric, a unique antique gem has been created!

This sensational art exchange has created the most wonderful personal gallery all my own, graced by the artwork and talents of such truly generous and talented artists.
In a follow-up post, I will tell the story of the beautiful papers and gifts received from Woven Letters paper exchanges (thank you LaWendula and Lay Hoon), from Alicia Caudle's bundle of joy and from David Castle 's wonderful and fun flapjack painting!
When art moves you and time stands still,
And all the world is yours to hold
Every memory and thought creates a sparking sight within view
Creating the ultimate gift of a lifetime.....
Within the special souls of a precious few.


Seth said...

Amazing is right. This is quite a haul. While everything is so different in style, they are all great pieces. All so unique!! Glad I sent the email on to you to begin the gifting!

Anonymous said...

oooh, you have received so many fantastic goodies! i'm so very excited for you! and quite jealous in many ways as i've always wanted a gaby piece and a jo piece (she made me the BEST legwarmers in the world though!!) and a kim piece. :) one day for sure. what a lucky lady you are and i'm so very glad that you sent the email to me too! i'll be posting some of my goodies. sadly, not all of them came with email addresses and one didn't even have a name! i was sad not to be able to properly thank them but i think if i post about it, i can find out who they were from. :)

i would love to see what you made too, if you have a photo of it, lovely lady.

Marilyn Rock said...

Absolutely stunning pieces and beautiful things from all! I am so happy for you! Thanks for sharing................Marilyn

La Dolce Vita said...

talk about being in the flow! you got some of the best pieces that I saw on line, you are so blessed! now, I know where all those goodies went to and to someone who will appreciate them! all very different in style and texture and created with so much care and talent!

Kim said...

Wow Jill, what lovely pieces you have from the exchange. Thank you so much for the kind words you left on my blog and I'm so pleased you like your wee piece!

Lawendula said...

Wow, wow, How your life is floating in art, my dear!
Sorry, for some reason I can't see your updates on my blogroll and also I signed in for email notification, nothing ever happens. (Is there something against us?)
Let's see if this comment works *lol*
Hugs and kisses!

Patti said...

wowee zowee, you did collect a covetous array of stunning pieces (I know one is mine, I mean the rest:)
I'm with Cat - you will be surrounded by the coolest!

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jill... these are absolutely beautiful! I am going back for another look... Roxanne

Marie-Aimée said...

amazing pieces !!!

Rita vindedzis said...

You really received some very beautiful artworks here Jill. I think my name was too far down the list (?) or it just fizzled out as I didn't receive any. :-( Maybe next time.

just to mention, there's a typo in my name and the link to my blog is not working. Thanks for including me. It was really fun making that little piece of art for you.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Hi Jill. I was wondering if my collage for you had arrived! Nice to see its safe and sound!
You've gottne quite a nice collection!

Thanks for your comment today on my blog:)

Jo Archer said...

Hi Jill, I can't believe what gorgeous things you received! I shall be off to check out some of the artists I haven't seen yet. Enjoy your treasures. Unfortunately, some of my contacts couldn't find 6 people, so I only received 2, but it was worth it just for that.

Gaby Bee said...

Wow, you received really beautiful artworks, Jill. Lucky you! Enjoy your gifts! I received only three pieces as yet.
I wish you a Happy Holiday Season!
Hugs, Gaby