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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gifts upon gifts!

 Upon opening my mail at holiday time, I discovered an unexpected package.  There was a beautiful treasure of holiday greetings-overflowing with heartfelt giving, sweetness, friendship and the generosity of a beautiful soul! They were goodies wrapped so artfully from LaWendula of Woven Letters, our Queen Maven of Card and Paper swapping to warm my winter   heart!

And speaking of the swap queen, LaWendula paired me up with Deb Eck of  Dryadart.  Here are some of the cards I included in my bundle to her.  As I was away during the designated swap date, Deb graciously agreed to exchange our cards when I got back- with each of us to receive our packages some time this week!

When Deb receives her bundle, I will post close ups of the cards I made.

Be sure to look up
 LaWendula's newest Crazy Swap!

As LaWendula says, "The next swap will start on

February, 1st and it will be a very special one! 
It’s CRAZY SWAP! And it’s a little adventure. You have to sign in, not knowing what this swap will be about, but I will guarentee you: it’s fun, it’s not expensive, it does not take much time, it’s artful and everyone can do it!
So who is daring?!" 


Seth said...

Treasures and gifts coming and going. Looks like you and LaWendula were both very generous. Looking forward to seeing the cards you made in their entirety.

Lawendula said...

Thanks, Jilly, dear, lovely post.
Who ist Queen Maven *laugh*, so very sweet of you.
Deb's Cards are wonderful! Glad, I paired you two!
And I am so much looking forward to what comes out of the crazy swap, I think this will set so many spirits free...now, we will see!

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful variety here! Thanks so much for sharing and I look forward to seeing the cards you made. xxoo

deb said...

Jill, thank you for you fabulous package, I am overwhelmed by your generosity! Hope yours arrives soon!