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Saturday, February 20, 2010

How to See With Our Heart: Chapter 3

This is my third of 6 posts showcasing our Innerworks  altered book pages.  Today, I am pairing the breathtaking artwork Supria Karmakar from  Encaustic Musings  created in my book together with the pages I created in her altered book  On Paper Wings,  the story of Helen Keller.  Supria decided to try something new in my book.. dipped paper- a technique she learned from Cynthia Winika at the Third Annual Encaustic Conference. Supria chose the theme "patterns and symmetry" -  from the spirals in shells to the patterns in butterfly wings.  Below are Supria's pages- stunningly gorgeous- with each page being an encaustic work of art unto itself!



Thank you again Supria, for these magnificent pages and for creating our InnerWorks altered book collaboration!


Below, you can find my pages in
 Supria's amazing altered book- On Paper Wings.

Like Helen Keller, we should all try to find the rainbows in what often seems like an endless storm. We must make time for both those we love and for ourselves.  Despite Helen Keller being blind and deaf,  she graduated from college, was fluent in many languages, read more books than most of us have read in our lifetime, and was an inspiration and role model to millions. 
We all have a special inner spirit which can enable us to soar on  our own paper wings, if we only believe.


Seth said...

There is so much color, joy, and life in both sets of pages. I am sure that both of you will be paging through your books over and over and really enjoying these creations!

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Jill, I agree with Seth, your posts overflow with the love of art and life. These pages of Supria's are some of her most beautiful work, I believe, and the close up's of yours so wonderful to behold, especially "listen with your mind."
Thank you for the link to my book, and for your wonderful words to me of hope and wonder. sending love... roxanne

Marilyn Rock said...

Jill! WOWSA! I'm blown away here viewing these awesome pages from Supria and you! Filled with texture, beautiful colors; wonderful collages - just stunning! Thanks for sharing! xxoo

Supria Karmakar said...

HI Jill:
You have done such a lovely job, as always, in capturing the magic of the process.....the pages I created for you were a delight and it was lovely to try something new with the dipped pages..and the pages you created for my book are breathtaking...I have particularly enjoyed the textural quality of your work..it has stretched my imagination...and made me think outside of my own box....I also love it as it is a reminder how so much of our world is enjoyed through the tactile element...which you work captures beautifully, surely Helen Keller if she were here with us would enjoy the treasures of your textures in your work.
Thank you for this lovely post and for your participation in this project.
much gratitude and love

Studio Sylvia said...

Stunning work! Beautiful palettes.