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Friday, February 19, 2010

Your Number and Mine!

Here's a new work I've completed.  It's comprised of 5 square frames I've created from tracing paper that I've stamped with odd numbers in black ink.   I've arranged the frames in a tangled fashion to create a three dimensional effect!  The square frames are attached to heavy weight watercolor paper that has been coated with gesso and then covered with white acrylic paint.  Along the edges of the paper I've added black ink.  
It measures 9.5" by 7" and something totally different for me!
It's a fun piece for a fun evening of art!


Lawendula said...

Is this for the March Swap?
Looks great!
I always loved stamped letters!

Marilyn Rock said...

Jill; this really intrigues me! Do I understand the tracing paper actually is raised up on the piece? This is fantastic! I love the effect! Have a great weekend ahead! xxoo Marilyn

SHAHNAZ said...

Greetings Jill,

This is interesting for sure. The interaction between the layers causing a 3D effect works for me.

With the success of this artwork are you considering trying another version?

Enjoy the weekend,

The Artist Within Us said...

I failed to realize my wife was signed in to her email, therefore Shahnaz and not The Artist Within Us. Sorry about that.


Seth said...

What a cool twist here!! I really like the black and white and the 3D aspect will look great when this piece is hung on the wall.

layers said...

I love numbers-- and text-- and black and white-- all of my favorite elements are here.