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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sharing Our Friendship: Chapter 2

Here is the second of my 6 posts showcasing our Innerworks Altered Book collaboration.  It's time to share the artwork that Veronica  Funk of Simple Pleasures and I created in each other's books! Veronica discusses  how she began her pages   here.  They are so graceful, overflowing with beauty, the poetry that it speaks and the endless dreams in nature's delight.

Here are close ups of the beautiful paintings above.

Thank you so much Veronica for these flowing pages of nature at its very best!

And here are my pages in Veronica's touching book on Friendship!

  Here, I celebrate the friendship that has formed among  each other in our Innerworks Collaboration. I've made miniature replicas of our altered books on one side, and as you can see,  pictures of us on the other side so you can meet the artists!

True friendship involves the merging of energies between two people, trust and tremendous and unending courage  to reveal ourselves - not just our outward best, but our vulnerabilities, our fear,  and our insecurities.

 The very best part of friendship is when love develops--with understanding and patience,  with the need to accept differences, conflict, imperfection in one another and the ability to challenge each other to develop our "moving" best.  We all must change- just as each day brings new experiences to us,  to enhance ourselves to continue to expand what we see, how we view our world, and the colors that we create within it.   Friendship is like a breathtaking rainbow!

Never wait to tell someone you love them. 
 Happy Valentine's Day!


Evangeline said...

Such wonderful COLOUR on these pages! I am glad I went blog hopping tonight. What a treat!

Marilyn Rock said...

WOW! Jill; these pages are stunning! I am in awe!!!! Thanks for sharing all of these; so glad I stopped by! xxoo

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Such fantastic pages!
Eye candy and food for the soul!

Seth said...

Another wonderful post. And it is so fascinating to me to see the different styles of the artists side-by-side. Love the pales of Veronica's pages and the brights of yours! And what you wrote about friendship really resonates!

layers said...

wonderful connection to poetry here-- we are on the same 'train' :-)
beautiful and colorful pages here

NuminosityBeads said...

I'm just crazy about altered books and the collaboration idea excites me. Nice job!


Lisa Hoffman said...

Good Lord Woman!
These pages look like virtual BILLBOARDS on my big screen. They knocked me backwards off my chair.
Clapping for the verve and love that went into this wonderful collaboration!

Anonymous said...

sweet jill -- it is so wonderful to see your amazing pages. they are bright and gorgeous and filled with life and soul. i adore them! i am particularly fond of the mini book replicas you created -- so creative and such a wonderful tribute to everyone whose hands touched each of the books. i saw part of a photo of that once before and i just LOVE what i'm seeing here. one of these days, lovely lady, we must do an ATC swap (if you're interested). i want to make something for you. :)