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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Completed InnerWorks Collaboration: Chapter 1

 Our Innerworks Altered Book Collaboration has come to an end. All of the six participating artists' books have been completed-filled with the most wonderful artwork and interpretations of themes we've each chosen for our books. Over the course of 6  posts, I will be displaying paired artist's pages. So for today, I will post pages that I created in Seth Apter's book and the pages that he created in mine.  Seth's book, titled Distressed Elements was the last book that I worked in- and my book, Designs in Nature, was the first book that Seth worked in. We were the A to Z pair!  What a wonderful opportunity it's been to work with 5 spectacular artists, to participate in my first altered book collaboration, and to be influenced by the selected theme, personality and style of each artist. 
Seth's artwork also inspired me to use new materials and techniques for the very first time. Below are the pages I've created in his book. It was such a magical experience for me-
A time for reflection in my life, the world around me,
and my connection to my mom- 
Inspired by the portraits Seth included in his book.

Below, I've created a glass window to view both sides of the page.

The young girl's face below is that of my mom. 

This page reflects a state of renewal and rebirth-reflected with a pair of beautiful wings on a butterfly given to me by Alicia Caudle of Altered Bits.

Below is an excerpt I included in Seth's book,
 taken from a poem
 written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Thank you Seth for enabling my creative spirit to soar, 
and blessing me with the wonderful fortune to have my artwork grace your magnificent book.


Overflowing with nature's gifts,
Filled with such varied layers, textures and beautiful poetic words-
 Take this very special journey with me
Through the breathtaking pages that Seth created in my book!


I am so blessed that these beautiful pages will grace my book forever.
Thank you Seth!


rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jill, I am sorry I haven't been around for awhile. Last week was a hard one, but I am ready to go forth again on this artistic adventure.
What a wonderful idea, to post your work in Seth's book and then his in yours. Your work in memory of your mother is both sensitive and profound. Soft and strong. And exceptionally beautiful.
And Seth's work... uplifting and soulful. I love his words,
"as you grew
you stood
and raised your arms,
comforted that
you now are
sending february blessings, roxanne

Marilyn Rock said...

My jaw dropped opening up your Blog this morning Jill! WOW; I'm almost speechless which is unusual for me :) I want to touch these pages and they are all stunning; filled with texture, emotion and wonderful touches! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm going to go back and take another look! xxoo

Supria Karmakar said...

What a wonderful pairing A to Z....so magical too that you both live so close to each other..both your works are magnificent.

Seth said...

This has been such a wonderful collaboration -- from A to Z and everything in between. Your pages in my book are truly magical and each and every time I look through them I notice another detail. Thanks for the care and creativity you put into them. And thanks too for the blank pages you offered me in your book. I was very inspired by the theme and so happy that you like the outcome!!

Jen said...

Fantastic work Jill! Thanks for inviting me to take a look. This time I will DEFINITELY be adding you to my feed list! :)

layers said...

I have been following your book collaboration at Seth's blog-- wonderful pages and fabulous book-- great artists together can produce something wonderful.

Evangeline said...

These books are such incredible treasures! Wow.

Your pages in Seth's book are so rich with detail -just wonderful!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

OH MY! Such richness, beauty and depth ... an absolute delight!

Anonymous said...

i have seen both of these sets of pages before, but every time i look at them i see more and more beautiful detail. i adore these pages so very much! all of the little details both you and seth added to each of the pages, all of the amazing texture and meaningful words -- together you all have created such magnificent books -- masterpieces! i keep scrolling up and down, back through each of your pages and each of seth's and i'm just in love.