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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Delicate- Velvet... And to the Touch- Intoxicating!

Another day

Another brush with painting 

And hear a calling to touch it

To feel the passion- the palette inside me

To continue the conversation

That's between me and my canvas

Talking, conversing,  poetry readings

A palette in the sky filled with rainbows

Wildly dancing colors to match my soul
Delicate, velvet- and to the touch- intoxicating.

A strip tease of my inner thoughts

And in the end, it's all there to see 

In front of you - in front of me.

Filled with serendipity.
Every moment

  A match in synchronicity 
  Yet still connected and always free.


Marilyn Rock said...

This post made my thoughts go to such a beautiful place; the pictures, your words - transcended me - thank you! xxoo

Seth said...

Intoxicating for sure! These close up shots really "draw" me in. Nature at its best!!

Steen said...

Your words are as sensitive and delicate as your flowers! And sing about being connected and free! Beautiful. Steen

layers said...

You must have a fabulous camera-- to get such up close and personal with these flower centers-- and such wonderful words to go with them

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Jill... ahhhh,
the mystery and beauty of a flower
yes.. so close to draw us in
always more to see
I love the foxglove the most
my very favorite flower of all
soon they will bloom in my gardens
your delight spills over

Gaby Bee said...

What a wonderful post. These flower pics are so enchanting as your words!

Have a wonderful weekend! Gaby xo

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear JIll,

These photographs of yours have cheered me up on a day that it is overcast and there is a fine rain about. I love the Peony as it is my favorite flower.

Thank you for sharing,

PS: congratulations on being mentioned on 'Italy on Sunday'.

Kim Palmer said...

Jill these pics are just wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

Debrina said...

I've taken a leaf out of your book Jill (excuse the pun) and done my own bit of photo journaling for my recent posting. The beautiful, summery palette you've shown here is just the ticket for a poor soul like me, now stuck inside because it's winter.