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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Serendipitous Synchronicity...Energy Whirling of Lives Together Twirling!

ANoThER daY of THOuGHts crossing,
In sync sightings - An integral part of me    
  Just amazing unending SYnChRonicity!
Events with special meaning, Rhythmic Rhyming.
  In melodic time to the clicks of a metronome ticking.
A synchronized Dance of perfection, like Dolphins Diving-
 Gliding and jumping with exact spectacular timing.          
  With words and thoughts of energy whirling 
Of lives together with movements twirling.
 Mirrored reflections of rainbow prisms
Sparkling flecks of light twinkling.   
 Showing us earth's  Sweet subtle chatter
That we're connected - that we all  matter.  

Here's my latest mixed media painting-
Measuring 30" x 24"- adorned with 101 jewels of mine
A collage of  flash frozen moments in time.
 Each one a tale of seReNdIpItoUsYcHroNicitY.
   A kisfrom the earth with it winking at  me.

Look around- something's ToUchinG you.
Maybe from afar-
Maybe from within.
 A fleeting thought, pAssioN, uncontrollable Laughter
The Wetness of rain on your face- feeling its pitter patter.
If you are open,
You'll FeeL the rays of the world's EmBrAce    
ForeVer-In your own special sacred plACe.


Seth said...

Wow! I am mesmerized, revitalized, and synchronized. What a sensational piece. There are so many details, so many symbols, and so much life in this tremendous creation. I could look at it over and over and I am sure still find things new to the eye. And your flowing words match the flow of the artwork. Definitely one I would like to see in person.

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear Jill,

I am speechless! Besides Seth has captured in words what I have felt upon studying your remarkable art work. And the rich symbolism contained with will for sure have different meaning to each viewer. I certainly can study this for hours and I feel seeing it in person will only enrich ones experience only further.

Wishing you all the very best,

Steen said...

Hi Jill, How captivating! A cornucopia of symbols, sentiments, visions and history. The more we know how you express yourself in your art, the better we understand what you are telling us. Here you have brought so much symbolism together from the past - like a composer that finally decides to write the symphony!!! And you – the master- has certainly in each detail given us something to find. And it is so much about reaching out, synchronicity and destiny. I won´t comment on my interpretations it would be wrong - just tell you that I loved your ringing test – it gave me a big smile when I saw it!. Wish you luck! Steen.

Gaby Bee said...

Wow, I am lost for words. What a fabulous piece of art! Goodness knows how long it took to make but the result is breathtaking! Spectacular work Jill, just love all the textures and details!
You rock!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Me, too! I cannot find the right words. My jaw dropped opening up to your Blog! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! xxoo

Andrew Thornton said...

Lovely work! Thank you for all the details and close-ups. It has made it feel almost as though I was there in person, pouring over the many intricacies you've created and enriched!

Evangeline said...

This is incredible! Such an explosion of energy and colours! I could get lost in the details for hours. Just wonderful.

rivergardenstudio said...

Wow Jill, I love the words "whirling lives together twirling" and the whirling energy here in this painting. You are such an amazing, exuberant woman. Thank you for all of this, the life, the colors and the symbolism. roxanne

Marie-Aimée said...

wow !! it's amazing

Svetlana said...

Jill, this is stunning piece. I'm speechless. Hugs, Svetlana

Kim Palmer said...

Jilly I'm amazed and speechless... well almost, LOL! Fantastic I love it! Such an energetic piece! Looking out for those mints now, ROFL!

Renee Howell said...

oh MY GOODNESS! Love the busy-ness. and the lovely. wishing I could see it - it real life. Stand in front of the art and take it in. VERY WONderful!

sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

This is truly GORGEOUS!!! So vibrant and energetic! Awesome!
Hugs, Sanda xoxo

studioJudith said...

Layer upon complex Layer... spinning to stillness:
Wow - what a piece!
All that AND a tres fab party tonight ... . you NY girls really do have all the fun. Stanford will
be looking for you -

** thanks for your dear note on my little blog :-)

druga szesnascie said...

like all of us here - I'm speechless.
and so very tempted/inspired to "steal" your idea... :)

druga szesnascie said...

seriously...I can't tear myself away from the computer...

and - hurrah - I spotted some of my Polish stamps!

Anonymous said...

Jill, just amazing :) really absorbing, so many details and ideas to follow

Monica said...

this is an amazing piece! it's like reading a story, so much to sit with. i wouldlove to see it IRL and slowly take my time taking it all in. stunning!