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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life's Sweet Signs and Our Own Street Signs!

Still, quiet- in my own melodic way,
Intermittent moments of silence,
A white out of sorts,
And then...
A new wind
Shifting tides
Minuscule grains of life
Coming back!
Shielding me with a seemingly quiet presence,
Mirrored with a gentle reflection
Slowly permeating my being
As if the dark murky waters are beginning to clear
Layers of my life
Continually tested by gusts of wind-
And I think...what are our life's umbrellas?
What do we use to protect ourselves from its elements....
Whether the weather..
Or people and their expectations of us...
Or perhaps their lack of expectations of us....
Or our expectations of ourselves...
What street signs do we wear?
Could it be -stop- don't go any further...
Or do we give the impression that we need to control what happens around us
Do we make people show themselves before we'll open up to them?
Are we approachable as people in the roles we fulfill in our lives?
Are we approachable as artists?
Do we feel we need to give explanations of what we are saying?
Do we give out confusing messages?
I love to find color in the faded, beauty in what
to some is trash, and see art in what others may not see at all.
Enjoy all of the subtle sights and colors around you!!


Seth said...

What a treasure chest of images here. And some very thought-filled words that have me reflecting. You have such an artist's eye... thank you for taking us along on your journey!

Anonymous said...

love the butterfly images and those distressed yellow shots, what a great eye, and I almost feel I am walking along with you. be well, best & blessings

Gaby Bee said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog today. You have a real eye for art and I have loved every minute of the time spent looking through all your fabulous pictures. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope your day is going great.

Gaby xo

Steen said...

Beautiful piece with a wonderful artistic tone. A flow of thoughts we all share spiced with some soul-searching and lots of reflections. I was carried through it as when I am carried by music – you master to reach us and make us enchanted and make us feel. I also note that your humorous side is back with all the boards that meant everything else – until now! Funny, like when you did manholes and bobbles! A new little master piece. Steen

Anonymous said...

hello my sweet, sweet friend! as usual, this is a visually stunning post -- you are SO very talented! i have a photo i've been meaning to send you for almost a week and i shall do so now. it's nothing compared to your gorgeous shots, but it reminded me of you.

tomorrow i will be packaging up your winnings and adding a few other happy thoughts. i'm so glad you're the one i get to mail things to! you re the sweetest, most wonderful person in the world so there most certainly could not have been a more deserving winner. i wished i got to send it out before our weekend away, but i was too swamped with trying to get away for a bit. ;)

lots of love and hugs to you!

Marilyn Rock said...

Hi Jill, I think this is one of my favorite posts of yours! Love the metaphores with the signs and words. My favorite street sign is "caution". I guess that is what my protection is. Love your photos and words - beautiful marriages! Thank you! This really got me thinking! xxoo

Patti said...

What a wondrous post!! The photos and message are so necessary and meaningful - I'm getting better at not explaining myself so much:)
What a visual feast - thanks so much for being you!!

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Love each and every pics..
Such a wonderful way to record your moments.

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Jilly, there is so much that I love here, first your words, like a conversation with your self, and the photographs, the turquoise waves, the sandy rocks on the shore... the painted walls... all of these images so different but all part of your world. I need to take another look to let it all soak in. roxanne

~*~Patty S said...

Oh Jilly ~ this post moves me and speaks to me in so many beautiful ways!

Thank you dear one for being you!
p.s. I am headed back to enjoy it all again :)