Jill Zaheer's JAZWORKS: A Tapestry of Mixed Media, Painting, Collaborations, Photography, and Poetry

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Winter's State of Mind!

The City is all dressed up in its winter white
Giving the city such a formidable look
Bolded, underlined, outlined.
Just waiting to let go.
How amazing - that at one temperature, the sky opens up and we have rain.
At another- we have sleet
Or fog, or perhaps hail and ice.
Creating paintings of scenes where ever you look.
And when the stars are lined up just right-
We have our gallant, textured, regal snow!
Keep Smiling!


Seth said...

You make the harsh winter we have had here look so beautiful and inviting. Thanks for that!

Steen said...

Beautiful reflections on this Winters Works. You did catch your city in all its winter dresses – and also found places where it has its peaceful moments. I really like the picture with the little house in the park. Thanks for making me smile in the end! Steen.

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jilly, these are so lovely, the park scenes are almost ageless, they could be any century, and I love the bridge and the winter pond... roxanne